As Olivia walks through the field on a mission to get to her familiar destination, she reflects upon the changes in her life. But where is she going? Why today? This enchanting short story is one that will captivate you, and stay with you long after you have read it.


1. The Beginning

Sometimes I wonder what happened. When did it all start to change? Sometimes I wonder where that little girl went, and where she is now.

I hover through the grass, past all the others. I know exactly where I'm going, and I know why. The sun is shining today - the rays bounce effortlessly off every petal of every colour - beautiful. The birds don't see me although a watch them. I watch how the mother gives everything she has for the young - food, warmth, life. My mother would have done that for me too, once..



The first years of my life could be considered perfect. I grew up with my mother, father and sister in a small home. Thinking back, there was barely enough room for us all, me and my sister shared a room for as long as I can remember. I think that is a factor as to why we were so close. From the moment I was born, her existence in the world only stretching to three years, we were inseparable. She was always there with me, physically as well as mentally. At age 4, it was her I'd crawl in bed with when I had a nightmare. At age 6, she was the one who would do my brunette hair into pigtails with a ribbon just how I liked them. She was the person who took the blame for breaking the wardrobe door when I was nine, although I was the one swinging on it. It's little things like that you carry with you forever.


I look ahead at the small families, huddled together. I pass them silently, footstep by footstep to my destination. It's not yet in sight, however this route is familiar now, and I know it will be soon.

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