The Journey to Your Heart

Brianna (Bri) Greene and her best friend, Kayleigh, live in San Francisco together. Bri has had a really rough life. The only close family she still talks to is her father. She hasn't had a boyfriend since her last, who ruined her life. One day they run into the teen heart-throb, One Direction. Liam instantly has feelings for Bri, but Bri refuses, thinking that she will be hurt once again. Strange things happen and she tries not to fall for Liam for fear of getting hurt. Will Bri finally fall or stand her ground?


1. What to do today?

Brianna's POV I woke up to the sound of my best friend, Kayleigh, yelling at the top of her lungs for me to get up. "Shut up!" I screamed as I threw my purple fuzzy pillow at her. She began to jump on my bed and I sat up and said, "I'm up! Now can I please get dressed in peace!" "Yay!!!" she replied eagerly and I saw her face one last time before my door shut. I dragged myself out of bed and went to my bathroom. My hair was its usual tangled mess. I brushed it out, painfully, and pulled it into a ponytail. I slipped into a turquoise tank and a pair of worn out shorts. I guess it works for now I thought to myself. I walked out of my room and went into the kitchen where Kayleigh sat eating a bowl of cereal. I pulled down my favorite cereal-cocoa krispies-and made myself a bowl. I plopped my butt down in the seat right next to Kayleigh. We had been living together in San Francisco for a while now. It was pretty nice and we both took online college classes so we would have more time to go out and live our lives. "So, what do you want to do today, girlie?" she asked. "I honestly have no idea. Go to a movie or something maybe," I answered, really just wanting to stay home and curl up on the couch to watch an endless marathon of Friends. "Oh come on!" she said, sounding annoyed. "What?!?!" I asked innocently. "We did that like 3 days ago," she replied. "Well, I don't know what to do! We've done pretty much everything already!" I exclaimed, defending myself. "Ooohhh, we should go shopping at the boardwalk and then go swimming at the beach," she said, jumping with excitement. "Sure, that will be fun," I said half-heartedly. "Yay!" she yelled happily. ****** I yanked the ponytail out of my hair, and let my blondish brown hair flow down my back. I brushed it out and decided it felt pretty lonely in there. I took my iPod and picked my favorite song-"Payphone" by Maroon 5-and put it on loop. "i know it's hard to remember, the people we used to be. Its even harder to picture, that you're not here next to me," lyrics escaped my lips as I put on a light coat of make-up. I stepped out of the bathroom and grabbed a t-shirt to pull over my tank top. I decided I looked good enough for going shopping, packed my beach stuff, and walked out of my room. I came into the living room and Kayleigh was sitting on the couch, watching The Big Bang Theory. "Hey!" I yelled, "You better scoot your ass over because I wanna watch too!" Kayleigh laughed and scooted over. We watched a couple of episodes and then realized what time it was. It was almost 1:00. We needed to leave for the boardwalk. "Hey Kayleigh," I said, looking at her. "Yeah?" she said. "I think we should probably go to the boardwalk now," I replied, pointing at the clock. "Oh my god! I totally forgot!" she yelled. She flipped the tv off and pulled me out of the house and into the car.
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