The Journey to Your Heart

Brianna (Bri) Greene and her best friend, Kayleigh, live in San Francisco together. Bri has had a really rough life. The only close family she still talks to is her father. She hasn't had a boyfriend since her last, who ruined her life. One day they run into the teen heart-throb, One Direction. Liam instantly has feelings for Bri, but Bri refuses, thinking that she will be hurt once again. Strange things happen and she tries not to fall for Liam for fear of getting hurt. Will Bri finally fall or stand her ground?


23. Reminiscing

Brianna's POV I remembered what we were here in Texas for and began to cry a little. Liam kissed my forehead and embraced me in a hug. He stroked my hair and I felt a little better knowing that I had Liam and all of the boys to protect me. I sobbed for about 5 minutes and stopped. "Do you want to go see your mother?" Liam asked. "Yes, I'll never get closure otherwise," I replied. He wiped away some of my tears with his thumb and I smiled. We got Niall and Kayleigh to come with us and got in the car. Kayleigh drove us to my mothers house and we all got out. The house was small considering there was only one person living there. The yard was taped off and a couple cop cars and an ambulance were surrounding it. I told a cop who we were and he ushered us ino the house. He opened the door and I breathed in the familiar smell of oranges. I smiled. My mother always had these orange-scented candles and wax warmers. I breathed in more and sensed a small smell of blood. I cringed. I walked towards her bedroom. She looked the same as dad did except for, there was a knife by her. Her blue eyes were opened wide and filled with terror. I started to tear up and felt Liam's arms embrace me in a hug. I pressed into his chest and cried. He kissed my forehead and held me as close as he could. When I finally wasn't able to cry, I pulled away and Liam kept one arm around me. A detective came up to us and explained what they knew. It was just like what happened to my dad. The two murders had to be related. I had a hunch that they were. It made me nervous. They were gonna go after Liam next and he is vulnerable at this point. A detective came up and said that she had been murdered but had no idea who had done it. He also said that since she didnt have a lot of family left except me and a few aunts and uncles, I had gotten most of her possessions in her will. I decided to take a look around the house to find anything sentimental to me. Liam helped me and together we found about 8 different scrapbooks, 5 photo albums, and several home videos from when I was little. I looked around some more and found an old Lego box. Tears welled up in my eyes. Keith's favorite toy was Legos and that's whose those were. I couldn't believe mother had kept thm all these years, even after he had killed himself. I began to search the rest of the closet and found my old doll house. I cried remembering the times when Keith would take a toy dinosaur or something and make it attack one of my dolls and my mother would play along. Liam heard me and comforted me again. He realized that this was really overwhelming for me and had Kayleigh drive us back to the hotel. We got back inside and went to our room. I got on the bed and flipped on the TV. Jeff Dunham was on and Liam watched about an hour of it with me. After it, my stomach was hurting from laughter. I decided to check my Twitter andFacebook. I opened it and had at least 12,000 notifications/followers/tweets. I figured it was because of me andLiam. I was correct and noticed several mean comments about me. I ignored them although they didn't much help me at this point in my life. I thanked all the nice fans and told everyone else to please stop hating because I am having a hard life and don't appreciate being called things at this point. Liam told the haters to leave me alone. I decided to tell my college teacher what was going on. I got on my laptop and opened the Internet. I logged into my account at my college and messaged my professor. He said he would give me 2 or 3 weeks extra to finish all that up and I thanked him. I logged out and shut the laptop. I set it on the nightstand and looked at Liam. He seemed to be in his phone texting. I peeked at it and he was texting his parents. I put my head on his shoulder and he finished his text and set his phone down. He looked at me and wrapped his arms around me. I scooted closer to him and he kissed the top of my head. I smiled and glanced at the clock that read 4:00. "We should go out for dinner tonight," Liam said. "I'd love to," I replied. I decided to go take a shower. I told Liam what I was doing and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the hot water run down my body as I tried to shake off everything that has happened to me. Liam's POV As she left for a shower, I began to think about her. Her blue eyes and how they hypnotized me. Her flowing dirty blonde hair that looked perfect even when it was tangled. Her beautiful body which she was so insecure about. I loved her. I wanted her to be mine forever and I planned to make it that way. I looked down and saw a bulge in my pants. "Crap," I whispered to myself. I tried to stop thinking about Bri but I failed. I thought about her all the time and I couldn't help it. She eventually walked in with her hair wet and she sat down next to me. I knew she had to have noticed the boner but I guess she ignored it.
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