The Journey to Your Heart

Brianna (Bri) Greene and her best friend, Kayleigh, live in San Francisco together. Bri has had a really rough life. The only close family she still talks to is her father. She hasn't had a boyfriend since her last, who ruined her life. One day they run into the teen heart-throb, One Direction. Liam instantly has feelings for Bri, but Bri refuses, thinking that she will be hurt once again. Strange things happen and she tries not to fall for Liam for fear of getting hurt. Will Bri finally fall or stand her ground?


15. Nothing to Hide

Brianna's POV I woke up once again in Liam's arms. I woke him up with a kiss full on the lips. He woke up and smiled. We got up and he gave me a piggy back ride into the kitchen. I smelled pancakes and realized my instincts were right. Nia and Kayleigh had decided to cook breakfast for everyone. Liam gently let me off his back and we walked over to get a plate. I reached in the cabinet and pulled out 2 plates for us. I got 2 pancakes and grabbed the syrup. I drenched them and got some strawberries to put on top. I sat down on the couch and began to eat my pancakes. Liam sat next to me and we ate together. I rinsed my plate and went into my room. I took my top off and my door opened. "Shit," I heard Liam say, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to walk in on you." "It's fine. Its not like I was totally naked," I said. Liam smiled. I opened a drawer of my dresser and rummaged through it. I finally found a shirt. It was my volleyball team shirt. It was green and black and said Lady Hornets on the front. I slipped it on and looked for a pair of shorts. I found a cute pair of ripped Bermudas and turned around. Liam was sitting on my bed, waiting. "Don't look," I said. He chuckled and turned around. I took off my pajama pants and put my shorts on. "I'm done," I said and he turned back around. He was still shirtless and took the shirt that he had worn a couple days ago. He slipped it on. "Why do you even bother with me?" I asked Liam. "What do you mean?" he said. "You are famous and I'm a nobody, yet you still choose to be with me," I replied. "Because you are different. All the other girls freak out over us and you just kept your cool and didn't fangirl over us and stuff," he said. "I should just take you back to your hotel and let you stay there," I said. "You don't need to do that. In fact, I do want to go get my things, so I can stay here for a while," he said. He kissed me and I kissed back. I swiped my tounge on his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He granted and my tounge explored his mouth. We eventually pulled away and I stood up. I grabbed a pair of my flip-flops and slipped them on. "Where are you going?" Liam asked. "Well, you said you wanted to go get your stuff, right?" I answered with a smile. He smiled back and we left the room. We told everyone where we were going and were told by a lot of people to get their stuff too. I grabbed Bridget by the wrist and pulled her along. "What the hell are you doing?!?!" she asked me. "You are coming with me to get the stuff," I answered. "Can Zayn come with?" she pleaded. "Fine, but he's helpin us," I said. Zayn got up and followed us to the car. I let Zayn drive (reluctantly) and we made it to the hotel in about 25 minutes. "Won't the paparazzi see us?" I asked Liam. "I don't care anymore," he replied. I smiled. He had nothing to hide. He was proud of me. And that made me happy.


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