The Journey to Your Heart

Brianna (Bri) Greene and her best friend, Kayleigh, live in San Francisco together. Bri has had a really rough life. The only close family she still talks to is her father. She hasn't had a boyfriend since her last, who ruined her life. One day they run into the teen heart-throb, One Direction. Liam instantly has feelings for Bri, but Bri refuses, thinking that she will be hurt once again. Strange things happen and she tries not to fall for Liam for fear of getting hurt. Will Bri finally fall or stand her ground?


7. Memories Revealed

Brianna's POV "Where's the loo?" Harry asked. "Go through the kitchen, you'll find a sun room and then it's on your left," I replied pointing in the direction of my the bathroom. "Thanks," he said and he walked off to the bathroom. I reached for the remote and flipped on the TV. Friends was on. "Hey, that's my favorite show!" Liam exclaimed. "Really?! Mine too!" I said. We all watched bout 3 episodes and almost died laughing at Rachel, Ross, Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe. Finally, I turned off the TV. "Hey!" Louis yelled, "I was watching that!" "We need to figure out who is sleeping where!" I said. Louis threw a fake tantrum. We all laughed as he overreacted about the whole tv thing. He finally quit and I began talking, "Well there's this couch, that recliner, the other recliner, and 2 really comfortable chairs in my sun room so you guys can pick what you want out of those," I said. Harry and Louis argued about who got the couch. It was actually quite entertaining. I finally said that neither of them could and Niall called it. Zayn took one recliner, Liam took the other, and Harry and Louis took the 2 chairs. "Are you guys gonna sleep in your clothes?" I asked. "I guess so," Zayn said. "I have some old clothes that were my brother's once and even some of my dad's," I said, "come with me," I found some old clothes in my closet and handed them to them. I got everyone a shirt and pants and then Liam came and I didn't really have a shirt. "Um...I'm sorry...I can't really seem to find a shirt," I said. "That's fine," he replied, "I can sleep with this one on." I dug through my closet one last time and finally found one. It was Brandon's old shirt. Why did I even still have this? I stared at it. It was his favorite was an MJ t-shirt and he wouldn't even let anyone touch it...nobody except me. I gave it to Liam and said, "Here's one." "What's wrong?" Liam asked worriedly. "Nothing," I lied. "Okay," Liam said still confused. He left my room and shut the door behind him. I sat on my bed, thinking to myself for a little while, when my door opened and Liam asked if he could change in my bathroom. I nodded and he walked over to it and changed. He came out wearing the MJ t-shirt. My eyes filled with tears. The night Brandon gave me that shirt replayed through my mind. It was after a school dance and Brandon's truck had broken down right outside of an old convenience store and it was pouring down rain. We called our parents, but they wouldn't be able to get there for about half an hour.We sat down on a bench and I was freezing and Brandon noticed so he pulled out his t-shirt and handed it to me. "Here I brought this as good luck, but I see that you need it more than me. So, take it and keep it as a reminder that I will always love you, even after you and I die," Brandon had said. I took the shirt and we danced in the rain and kissed in the rain. "I love you, Bri," he had said, and I believed him. How could I be such an stupid girl? I burst into tears. Liam ran over to me and asked me what's wrong over and over. I cried and cried into his chest until I couldn't cry anymore.
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