The Journey to Your Heart

Brianna (Bri) Greene and her best friend, Kayleigh, live in San Francisco together. Bri has had a really rough life. The only close family she still talks to is her father. She hasn't had a boyfriend since her last, who ruined her life. One day they run into the teen heart-throb, One Direction. Liam instantly has feelings for Bri, but Bri refuses, thinking that she will be hurt once again. Strange things happen and she tries not to fall for Liam for fear of getting hurt. Will Bri finally fall or stand her ground?


9. Insecurities

Brianna's POV I woke up in Liam's arms. I peeked over at my alarm clock, which read 10:00. Shit. I really didn't wanna leave Liam's arms, where I felt protected and for once, loved. But I knew I had to. I pecked Liam on the lips and saw his eyes flutter open. "Morning," I said. "Morning," he replied and smiled at me. His morning voice was super sexy and raspy. I got up and he followed. He threw on the MJ t-shirt and I smiled at him. He seemed to notice and asked "What?!" "Nothing," I said, obviously lying. "Oh come on! I know it's more than that. I can see it in your eyes," he said and he pulled me close to him so that we were only centimeters apart. I laid my head on his chest and said, "You just look so much better than Brandon in that shirt and it makes me happy to know that you're here." He kissed me and I kissed him back. We eventually pulled apart and we left the room, holding hands. We made it to the kitchen and then I started to pour a bowl of cereal. Liam looked through my pantry for the cereal he wanted and finally found it-Cap N Crunch. I opened the fridge and he reached over and grabbed the milk before I could get to it. "HEY!!! I need that!" I yelled, reaching for it. He held it way above his head and laughed at me jumping trying to get it. "Oh come on, you know that's not fair," I said crossing my arms. He knew it wasn't, considering he was almost 3 inches taller than me. He kept holding it above his head and watching me jumping for it. He finally poured it for me and then for himself. I realized Liam had 2 cups; 1 for his cereal and another for the milk. I then remembered that he had a fear of spoons. I grabbed my bowl and took a seat next to Niall at the table. Liam sat down next to me and we ate our food. When I finished, I rinsed my bowl and went to my room to change. I checked my phone and realized I got a text from my friend, Joi, asking if she and 3 of my other friends could come overbecause they were bored out of their minds. Oh shit. I wanna see them, but I can't have them freak out about One Direction and tell everyone. I went back into my living room and saw the boys all sitting on the couch, talking. "Hey, is it okay, if a few of my friends come over?" I asked them hopefully. "How many?" Louis questioned. "Four of them, and just warning you: They r HUGE fans of yours," I replied. "Sure, they can come," Louis said, "6 girls, and 5 boys.....interesting." Louis raised and lowered his eyebrows. "EWWWW! You have a sick mind, Lou!" I yelled. Louis and Harry sniggered and Liam threw a couch pillow at both of them. With that, they shut up. I went back into my room and answered Jamie. I then decided to listen to a One Direction song. I knew the name of one of them was "One Thing" so I looked it up on YouTube and played it on my iPod. "I've tried playing it cool, but when I'm looking at you. I can't ever be brave, 'cause you make my heart race," the iPod played loudly. Before I knew it, I was singing along to the chorus. "You are an amazing singer," I heard. I jumped and ran to turn off my music. I whipped around and found Liam standing in my room. "How long have you been here?" I interrogated. "The whole song," he answered. Oh shit. I looked down and Liam forced me to face him. He said, "You have no reason to be insecure. You're beautiful, talented, and perfect in every way and I like you a lot." He pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. He pulled me in to where our foreheads were touching. His lips touched mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Fireworks were exploding all around us. My door opened and Louis walked in. Liam pulled away and I unwrapped myself from him. Louis blushed and said, "I'm sorry I interrupted. Just keep doing what you're doing." he winked at Liam and I threw a pair of shorts at him. It missed as Louis shut the door. "Damn!" I exclaimed. Liam laughed at my anger. "What?!?!" I said. "'s just that you're cute when you're annoyed," he replied. We both smiled. We heard the doorbell ring and I knew who it was. Before I knew it, Liam picked me up and carried me on his back to the front door. He set me down and I answered the door. "Hey!" my friend, Joi, said.
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