Best Freinds and Lovers

Can best freinds really become lovers? When Kevin Parsons sporadically kisses his best friend on a camping trip, she returns the favor and Kevin decides to try a relationship. Now, Kevin must attempt to make the transition from freindship to romance.


2. Love Letters

Chapter 2

It was now six and Mina’s mother’s boyfriend would soon be up for his morning swim. We agreed if he got suspicious and caught us coming in we would simply say we couldn’t sleep and had just been to the bathroom block down the road. Entering the campsite, Mina dug out the breakfast dishes and I headed down to the beach with the things that needed to be cleaned.

 When I reached the water, I spotted Anton returning from his swim. Anton was Mina’s mom’s boyfriend and a truly intriguing guy to talk to for he had several unique opinions and philosophies but also accepted others. I raised a hand in way of greeting and he rose from the water, shaking droplets from his slender swimmers’ form.

“Good morning, you are up early!” Anton said in his thick Russian accent that always made me laugh.

“Mina and I couldn’t sleep; damn drunk people across the way certainly had a party.”

“That’s nice, I see you are starting on breakfast. Good, that’s very good; I am going to sleep a while longer.”

I waved him goodbye and knelt on the wet stone to wash my dishes, smiling and wondering all the while if Anton would become suspicious at Mina’s wet hair. After washing and air drying the dishes with what I thought to be adequate intensity, I brushed the dust off of my pants and returned to the picnic table, where Mina appeared to be struggling with the Coleman stove.

“Here let me help,” I said as I removed her hand from the stove and screwed in the gas tank properly, before setting the stove on the ground.

I fired up the gasoline and Mina handed me a match, which I lit. I leaned in and touched the match to the stove and a large flame shot up from the stove, nearly singing my eyebrows. I stumbled back in surprise and tumbled into Mina who in turn fell to the ground with a thud. I sat up, laughing, and discovered with relief that my eye brows were still intact.

Once the flame had settled we placed a pot of water on for tea. We then sat on the bench of the picnic table and made small talk. All the while I needed to use every fibre of my being to stop from kissing her, motivated only by the fact that her mother and sister were in tents mere feet away and I did not want to be found out.

We had been best friends for two years and her mother felt so safe with me she allowed Mina and I to do anything together without hesitation. However, I and I am sure Mina, were less worried about her mother being upset and more worried about the endless teasing that we would have to endure on the two hour car ride home should we be found out.

For a moment there was silence before Mina turned to me and said, “Do you want to go for a walk?”

I rose from the bench without a second thought, glad to be away from the campsite not so we could kiss (which truth to be told was the last of my priorities) but to be able to talk about the events that had happened an hour earlier. We turned the heat down on the stove and left the campsite, our hands linked, walking nowhere in particular. For several minutes we walked in silence, not saying much at all, watching the world wake up. After a few minutes we spotted a rusty old swing set braced by heavy wood, and we hopped on the swings, pushing ourselves gently.

We sat there for but a moment, swinging in silence, before Mina said, “That was some kiss.”

“Yes it was. I am sorry if it made you uncomfortable.”

“To tell the truth, I thought it would after the fact but it really didn’t. Let me ask you this, when you said you liked me, did you mean that?”

“I was dead serious. We have been best friends for the longest time and I thought that would be all we would ever be, but moments before I said that I saw a spark of interest in your eyes. I realized I liked you and decided to do something to cement that.”

“Well it certainly worked, would you ever consider doing it again?”

“I would do it again in a heartbeat, no consideration needed. Would you?”

Almost in response she leaned her head toward mine and we kissed. This time however, I was better experienced and so we took it slowly, savouring the feeling of our tongues touching. When we broke apart, I put my arm around her shoulder and suggested we walk back as the water was most certainly boiled. As we walked I smacked my lips, in love with the taste of her raspberry gloss.

When we finally returned to the campsite, we saw Anton pouring Mina’s mom, who appeared to be half asleep, cups of tea. Noticing our entrance, he poured two more cups as we took our seats on the bench. For the next several minutes I tried desperately not to let that dumbstruck just-been-kissed look creep onto my face. The only thing that kept me from doing so was looking at Mina desperately trying to dry her still damp hair.

Luckily, we managed to avoid discovery for the entire morning. Later that morning, Mina’s silver sedan was packed to the roof and we all hopped in the car. I got the middle, wedged between Mina and her sister. Rather than sit there for two hours making awkward conversation, Mina’s mom handed over her IPad and Mina suggested we watch The Birdcage, a comedy featuring Robin Williams as a drag club owner.

Truth to be told, I didn’t watch much of the movie, only looking at the screen when Mina began to laugh. Most of the time, I stared at Mina’s soft brown eyes or past them and out the window at the Canadian Shield that seemed to sprout from the earth. Occasionally, Mina and I knocked knees and a shock was sent through my entire body.

After a two hour ride, which was more comfortable then I thought it would be, we arrived at my house. It was pouring rain and so Mina and I hopped out of the car to collect my bags from the trunk. The rain, now falling in sheets, soaked us completely and we were both dripping wet by the time we reached my front stoop.

Mina swayed on the spot and whispered, “I had a great time this weekend, have a great birthday tomorrow. I have one last request, can I have a kiss?”

I obliged, grabbing her gently by the shoulders and brushing my lips against hers. After that, I stood on the step waving after her car until it was lost in the growing darkness and pouring rain. Wrenching open the door, I was greeted by my puppy Denby and the smell of cleaning product and melted havarti cheese. Nearly floored by the interesting combination of smells, I kissed my dog and headed upstairs, tossing my bag into the laundry room as I passed.

Entering the kitchen, I saw thick smoke rising from the griddle and beneath it all was a bacon grilled cheese sandwich my mom had undoubtedly forgotten about. I quickly flipped it onto a plate and cleared away all of the smoke before the alarm went off. Once I had done so, I garnished the plate with potato chips and poured myself  a glass of chocolate milk.

After that, regrettably leaving my sandwich, I headed to shower for the first time in three days. As soon as I stepped into the shower I was awash with warmth and my head began to clear. With a clear head I could now think about the events of this past weekend, a task which I had neglected outright.

Mina had asked for one last kiss at the door, she wanted a relationship. I was the one that had kissed her in the waves at 4:30 in the morning, I wanted a relationship. Now, the only problem was, outlining and agreeing how it would work. Expectations and lines to not be crossed had to be drawn. Unlike other relationships, this one was already on thin ice for we were best friends, meaning that if the relationship ended badly, so too would the friendship.

Armed with this information, I got out of the shower, towelled off and headed into my bedroom. As I pulled on lounge pants and a cozy sweater, for the rain had cooled everything down considerably, I reached for the phone, content to call Mina and figure out how everything would work. Then, I reconsidered. A phone call would not do, a letter was needed. Yes, a letter outlining everything and encouraging response for further deliberation.

I pulled a pen and a few pieces of paper from the drawer and headed into the living room, grabbing my lunch on the way. I dug into the sandwich and then wiped the grease from fingers and reached for the pen. I began to write effortlessly, the pen gliding across the paper like a skate on fresh ice, only pausing to reconsider or embellish a point. By the end, the letter read:

Dear Mina,

   It has been three years since we met. That night in November, I took an instant double take at you. Not because you were the only girl who approached me that evening, but because you had an incredible aura, a lightness and warmth to you. We started to talk a lot more after our second meeting in May of that year. I felt incredibly open while talking to you. Over the next year, you called me to wake me in the morning, we talked late into the night, we shared secrets, dreams and just about everything in between. You told me you liked me while at your family farm and while I was covered in blood back home. While you were in Paris, the conversation occurred in which you shed the secret which tore you apart, almost leading you to suicide. Just as you had done multiple times for me, I was there for you and with the help of your friends and I, you came to accept who you were. Easter Monday was the first of many “adventures” I had with you and your family. I recall having the best time and certainly the most fun I had had in a long while. I got to know you and your family even better and realized I liked you more than I had before. That summer, we went to the beach, we went hiking to several places, we watched Napoleon Dynamite and several other movies at your house. Our relationship peaked shortly after Christmas Day of 2011. You knocked on my door and when I opened it, I found peace amidst chaos of the holidays. I had not seen you for weeks and I noticed the way you carried yourself, very mature, cute and content with yourself. Off you went to Hawaii, we Skyped often until one day you asked me for advice on Braedon, the bad boy rockstar. I used this opportunity to tell you I was in love with you and wanted a relationship. Apologetically, you told me at the present time it would not work out but you would always have a place for me in your heart. You also told me that someday you would realize you liked me in that way but it would be too late; I would have some blond supermodel on my arm. After that huff at 2 in the cold January morning, we stopped talking as often as we used to and I hated it. In June of 2012 we reconnected, hung out once and rekindled something deep within. Truth to be told I was so self-absorbed in Jenny, the princess who broke my heart, I didn’t realize it. By the time you invited me to come camping with you, I was second guessing myself regarding Jenny. I knew the hope was dead even before you asked me to come; she never had liked me and never would. I took solace in the fact that I would be able to spend the weekend with my best friend. Fast forward just over a week, and I have just kissed you while swimming at four thirty in the morning, wanting to give a relationship a try. Words could not describe how stupid I felt after I had sent that message. What had I done? At first I was sure I had wrecked a great friendship, but then I realized I had told you what I had known for several months but never really realized until that weekend, and this time you were willing to return the favor. I completely understand if you don’t want a relationship, if perhaps you want to second guess yourself, but try and see my side of things. We are best friends, who make great girlfriends/boyfriends and we will always have a place in each other’s hearts. Imagine doing all those things we did this weekend with a mutual attraction, we could have shared a kiss while sun tanning at the rapids, while we splashed water on each other during dishes. Maybe I am just being old fashioned, or perhaps even a little bit unrealistic, but maybe not. Your mom would encourage something like this; we can do anything with each other. If we started going out I guarantee I would treat you like platinum gold. 

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