Best Freinds and Lovers

Can best freinds really become lovers? When Kevin Parsons sporadically kisses his best friend on a camping trip, she returns the favor and Kevin decides to try a relationship. Now, Kevin must attempt to make the transition from freindship to romance.


1. Kiss at Sunrise

“Morgan, are you awake?” Mina asked from her sleeping bag next to me.

I sat up in the dark for a moment and was confused. I was on a camping trip with my best friend Mina and her family in Brereton Lake. I had been trying for hours to fall asleep, but the sound of the drunken group next to us and the sound of the waves crashing on the rocky shore deemed me a temporary insomniac.

I turned in the darkness to Mina who seemed to be sitting up and whispered, “Can’t sleep for shit. Bangarang over there won’t quiet down.”

She laughed and whispered, “It’s four in the morning. The sun will start rising soon but its dark enough to see stars for a half hour. Would you care to accompany me to the beach?”

I agreed it was a good plan and Mina and I rolled from our sleeping bags. We had spent the last two nights sleeping in a three man tent with her sister. Since the evenings were hot and sticky, especially in the tent, it was customary to remove our shirts as soon as we entered. We grabbed them and our sweaters up from the floor of the tent and pulled them on, then slid outside.

It was cold, the morning dew already gathering on the grass and soaking my leather sandals which lay a few feet from the tent. As we made for the road, our hands linked, I stared up at the sky. The stars were brilliant, though were beginning to fade as the sun was rising. Once we reached the beach, we lay on the cool sand and stared up at the sky.

For several minutes we sat in silence before Mina rolled over to face me and whispered, “Have you ever gone swimming at four thirty in the morning?”

I sat up straight and looked at her in the dim light. She was biting her lip and she looked dead serious, she wanted to go swimming, right now. I decided there was no harm in going for a swim, aside from perhaps drowning, and so nodded it was a good idea.

I pulled my shirt off and stripped down to my swim trunks (which I slept in). Mina whispered, “I can’t go swimming in my clothes, they are my last clean pair and I need them for tomorrow.”

I responded back, “They will dry won’t they?”

“I don’t think so, not in time at least. And if my mom wakes up and finds me soaking wet she is going to wonder what is going on.”

“So what do you want to do?”

In silent response, she wriggled out of her jean shorts and pulled off her shirt, letting them drop to the ground. She was now in panties and a bra. I held my hand out to her and she took it. With that, we slipped off our shoes and made our way toward the gently lapping waves.

As soon as the water hit our belly buttons, we were hit with a wave of chills and Mina shrieked. I motioned for her to be quiet and told her I would give her a piggy back into deeper water so we could dive without fear of cutting ourselves on the sharp rocks. She hopped on my back and I began to wade deeper into the water.

Once I had reached the buoy, Mina and I sunk like stones on the steep drop off. We sunk to the bottom, our toes touching the slimy rocks and clay, and then burst to the top gasping for air. Mina wrapped her arms around my neck in order to catch her breath. There was an annoying fleck of hair in her eye and so I reached forward and wiped it clear.

Suddenly, I blurted, “You are beautiful!”

After a short pause, Mina responded in a surprised tone, “Thank you, you have never said that before.”

“I guess we all have a first time huh?”

“I suppose so.”

At this, I casually floated away and dove for the floor of the lake, I needed to think. Was this what it had come to? Had I developed a potentially mutual attraction to my best friend of two years? I had never seen that spark before, and it had made my heart stop. If the attraction had only been from her I would have passed it off as a shooting star reflecting in those soft brown eyes.

That was when it hit me! We were such good friends that we were doing things that boyfriend and girlfriend are hesitant to do without any awkwardness. We had slept shirtless (Mina clad in a sports bra) in a sweaty tent, resulting in Mina laying her head atop my chest with her long hair tickling my nostrils. When I had given her a friendly piggy back to the beach, a passing girl assumed we were a couple.

Finally, I decided I did indeed like her and so returned to her side and whispered, “I like you.”

Mina’s words felt like heaven as she whispered, “I like you too.”

In this situation, my heart won this battle over logic. Before I knew what I was doing I leaned in and kissed her. My lips brushed softly against hers and Mina let out an almost inaudible sound of pleasure and surprise. I pulled back quickly and stared into Mina’s eyes, that spark ever present. Perhaps I had thought wrong, had I wrecked a perfect friendship?

My fears were shooed away when she leaned in herself and continued the kiss. It was my first kiss and so I didn’t know what to do, but after about five minutes I started to get the hang of things. After those five minutes had past, Mina and I mutually removed ourselves from each other.

I dove beneath the water to clear my head, and when I resurfaced I noticed Mina with a big smile on her face, and I knew I hadn’t made a mistake. The sun was beginning to rise and so we began to wade ashore, intent on watching the sun rise. I gave Mina my sweater to dry off with and sat myself on the beach, my front exposed to the cool morning air despite the fact that my teeth were chattering uncontrollably.

Once she was dressed, her underwear and bra dry, she returned my sweater to me and even though it was soaking wet I pulled it on, the heat immediately returning to me. For the next hour or so, Mina and I sat on the beach watching the stars and listening to the waves gently lapping against the shore.

A few minutes after the sunrise was most brilliant, about five in the morning, I dozed off. When I awoke, Mina lay gently on top of me, completely asleep and so peaceful, her long and erratic hair tickling my nostrils to no end. I shook her awake and helped her up, deciding it was time to get back to the cabin.


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