That smile

Aria feild is just trying to get a living in London but will her romance with one of the worlds biggest popstars get in the way and what will happen when rumours of exs come up will she get her heart broken?


1. New life

Thats it I cant stay here any more , im just making myslef more upset everyday. I cant stay here .Everything just reminds me of her. My mum was the most amazing person i knew but after she got Ill and died my life took a wrong turn . But im back on my feet and moving with my dad.

I jumped in the taxi , the taxi company already knew where i was going because I dont like to talk to taxi drivers after a horrble story I heard on the news once. I was going to take a train but i just had to much stuff .

The taxi pulled up on my dads drive "that will be £80 please " the taxi man said it was the only thing he had said to me . "oh here you go" i quickly replied .

My dads door opened wide and i saw his face had a huge grin on it and he came over to help me with my bags. "ARIA! here darling ill take those" he said grabbing bags off of my ."Thanks dad " i said thankfully .

We got into the house and he took all off my bags upstairs into this huge room . "I thought this room was approriate sinvce its big and you need your space it also has a bathroom and its all yours " he told me "thanks dad " i replied "ill leave you to get settled in ".

My room had a massive king size bed that didnt take up much room , the walls were  a sky blue colour and was my favourite colour he remebered . I tied up my long wavy light brown hair that had amber blonde highlights . i went in my suitcase and chucked on a pair of grey sweats and a white vest top. I then started to unpack all my stuff .


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