That smile

Aria feild is just trying to get a living in London but will her romance with one of the worlds biggest popstars get in the way and what will happen when rumours of exs come up will she get her heart broken?


2. meeting with an old friend

I was woken up by my alarm it was 8am and i was meeting and i was meeting my old friend Eleanor she said she was bringing her boyfriend and and his friends aswell . I thought i might aswell since I need to meet new people.

I jumped in the shower , I get out and let my hair dry itslef and let it natrually go wavy , I went into my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of  light jeans and put on a mustache top and wore my white converse . I put a little bit of foundation on and mascara , i didnt lie wearing alot of makeup.

I rushed downstairs and made some toast i was meeting Eleanor at 12 we were going to get some lunch it was 10:30am so i sat in the living room . "ive got a suprise for you " my dad said "Ooooo really what is it ?""here " he placed keys in hand no it cant be I ran outside and a silver bmw was parked outside i knew my dad earned alto of money but this . "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU " " i guess you like it then " " i love it dad ive got to go now im really sorry but i said i would meet a friend " i said "its fine go use your car "

I arrived at nandos and i saw Eleanor standing outside with a 5 boys that were all around the age of 18 just like me . "hey Aria " Eleanor said in her sweet voice . "hi " I replied "this is Niall,Zayn,Liam,Harry and this is my boyfriend Louis " she told me "hi i said im Aria " "Hi " they all repilied in sync .

Out of all the 5 boys i took a shining to Harry I dont know how to put my finger on it but there was an instant attraction there for me . He had thick hair that had perfect curls and he had the most beautiful green eyes , i had never seen someone quite as beautiful as him . Infact all of the boys were beautiful , Niall had blonde hair and a cute irish accent , Zayn had beautiful tanned skin and dark brown quiffed hair, Liam was sweet and had cute hazel eyes and Louis had a rugged handsom look going on. I could see why Eleanor likes him I mean who wouldnt .

"should we go in or stand out here all day " Niall said I eneded my eye contact with Harry and replied with a "uh huh " "Great because im starving " he quickly replied . Harry opened the door for me and asked me to sit next to him I mean what was i going to say no .

We ordered our food and before you knew it Niall had finished it . "Really Niall i mean its okay if you do it around us but there are 2 young ladies hear " Zayn snapped at Niall. "Oh sorry i forgot im just soooooo hungry" Niall said with his mouth stuffed with food . We all laughed .

As we were halfway through eating lunch these 2 girls came to the table and asked to get a picture with the boys and signitures i found this really odd and they kept saying "i cant belive im with one dorection" they kept mentioning "one direction" what was one direction. Was it a clothing brand or a website. I really didnt know i didnt know much about the latest craze and trends since i was pratically living under a rock for the past 2 years .

"What was that all about ?" I asked Liam " Do you not know who we are , i thought Eleanor would have told you , we are one direction we were on x factor 2 years ago and we have just finished our up all night tour " Liam explained "i havent seen x factor in years ever never mind " i told Liam "oh ok well its nice to meet someone that doesnt know who we are sometimes when people know who we are well they use us and sell stories to the press for money " Liam told me upsetingly ."well you dont have to worry about me " I said with a huge grin on my face.

After lunch the boys invited me to come to their hotelwith Eleanor of course i said yes ...... I mean i got to see Harry more ."Um Aria can i speak to you" Eleanor said to me while pulling me into the kitchen . "sure do i have a choice " I said while laughing she was also laughing. "I need to tell you something " she said while smilling " go" i said excitently " well you know Harry " "yes " " well he told louis that he thinks hetreally likes you " Eleanor told me . I tried not to jump up into the air with excitment i just replied with a "Oooooo" .

"Well do you like him back , i saw the way you looked at him in nandos you both couldnt take eyes of each other" she said while staring at me waiting for an answer . "Of course i feel the same way i mean who wouldnt i deffently feel an attraction therebbut i dont know if i like him yet" i lied through my teeth i wasnt telling her how i really felt not yet i dont know why but i just wasnt ready yet .

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