Holding on

The symbol of the fish has been passed through generations. but when mandy finds that time is running out for the fighters of the fishes, she decides to take matters into her own hands...


3. the moment of prayer.


It was Mandy this time that ran across the golden sand, exept she was running to peter's run-down shack he called a home. He was not rich; neither was Mandy, but they both continiued to fight against rome's unfair laws. mandy burst through the rotting doors, almost knocking them off they're hinges, before running into the kitchen.

peter was knelt on the floor by his brothers, his hands clasped together and his head facing down. as mandy stumbled in, he glared at her with his icy blue eyes before he finished praying. macy blushed, feeling guilty for ruining the spare minutes he had praying to god. they had to be careful. nobody could see them pray to God, otherwise they will be enslaved, and forced to pray to the many worthless gods of the roman empire.

or killed.



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