Holding on

The symbol of the fish has been passed through generations. but when mandy finds that time is running out for the fighters of the fishes, she decides to take matters into her own hands...


2. the fish completed

Peter jogged across the beach, his heavy toga slowing him down. There was no rush, but a sense of urgency filled him as he made his way along the golden sand. The sea rippled and the sun glowed in the horizon. He breathed in the salty air, silently thanking god for the shells glittering like jewels in the sand. As he slowed down, he checked for passers by. No-one must see him. Still scanning the beach, he parted through the olive trees to a deserted road near the sea.

There, where he had first drawn it, was the fish. The two curved lines crossed over each other, making the symbol he was hoping for. Mandy had been here and completed the drawing. And that only meant one thing.

It was time.


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