Holding on

The symbol of the fish has been passed through generations. but when mandy finds that time is running out for the fighters of the fishes, she decides to take matters into her own hands...


4. do you trust me? ( working title)

"i came here as soon as i saw the fish." mandy panted, slowly massaging the stich that felt like a knife in her side. "is it true, do we have access?" she questioned eagerly.

"yes, it's true. the plan can go forth, but we must be careful. mark-anthony is starting to get suspicious." peter warned mandy in a serious voice while preparing some bread and olives. he watched mandy the whole time he was making the meal, the sharp bread knife narrowly missing his slender fingers as he sliced he bread into thick slices. 

"why peter" questioned mandy. "do you still not trust me?"

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