The Lion's Roar

The lions are ancient creatures - extinct by a thousand years. The human race let this happen, because of pollution and fur companies. But one lions spirit has returned - and it thirsts after revenge.

For the Legacy Competition, so I would love some feedback on this piece. Thank you :)


2. An Unexpected Bond


Silently the young girl lifted her head up to the far-away sky and whispered a small prayer that only she could hear. All her life she had wondered what would appear in this test, and now she was facing something she didn’t even recognize. She thought she may see her beloved mother, but no. An evil creature stood before her, baring its fangs and was ready to pounce. Why did this happen to her?

Defeated of all power and hope, the poor girl fell to her knees and a single tear fell down her cheek. She leaned forward, her arms stretched out and bowed before the huge and frightening monster.
Only the sight of the ground filled her vision as she did not dare look up at the golden animal. She intended to show respect – and succeeded.

Abruptly the creature stopped, confusion sweeping into its system. Perplexed, it studied the girl who had done something it didn’t expect. She had dirty blonde hair, naturally curly; it looked like a wild mane. The lion compared itself to her, and saw many similarities. She too had full brown eyes, and a yellow tint in her beautiful skin.

Startled by the sudden turn of events the girl quickly glanced upwards. She saw the creature standing before her. She gulped down as much air as she could, to quiet the racing of her heart. Stuttering she finally let the question on her mind flow into the room and break the silence.

“What are you?”

“I am a lion.” It answered, it's voice deep and powerful. The girl was surprised that it replied. The dirt was smudged in her face, and the gravel was pressed into her palms.

“What is a….lion?” She squeaked, her voice an octave higher than normally.

“I am a creature of the past. Long forgotten. Humans slayed us until we passed away, just because they were so selfish in mind. No one even remembers us.” The lion’s voice grew louder and angrier as it spoke.

Astonished, she gently voiced her wandering thoughts in two simple words. Little did she know what an epic tale she was about to hear.

“What happened?”

“What do you think happened?” it growled, and suddenly moved torward her aggressively. This resulted in a little yelp sounding from the girl, and she jumped backwards, hitting her head on the wall. Concentrating, she succeeded in slowing her heart beat, and thought about what to answer. She decided upon the offensive tactic, since she knew two could play at that game.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me?”

The lion was taken aback by her ferocity, and stepped away from her in respect for her bravery.

It seemed to evaluate her, looking for reasons not to trust her. It found none.

“Thousands of years ago, my kind roamed the world. We lived in the rosy deserts of Africa, a continent that does not exist anymore. We were the top of the food chain, mighty in the hierarchy. But we had never thought in our wildest imagination that mankind could – or would – destroy us. But they did.” The lions eyes softened as it reminisced the precious memories of its past – things it would never experience again. Its gaze wandered upward to the sky, and rested there. The lion sighed deeply and stayed silent, concentrating on the black sky, decorated with small specks of white. It wasn’t until the girl cleared her throat that the lion continued.

“What did they do to you?” She solemnly whispered. The lion took great notice that she had said “they” and not “we”.

“That is a thing I cannot reveal. It is too cruel to know, for one as young as you.” The creature shuddered. It paused and gazed at her for quite a while, before continuing.

“I will tell you this much.  Lions are creatures of freedom and life. We cannot survive in captivity. Yet that is what happened to us. We were captured and killed, one by one. And that is how our kind died – we withered. The humans did not care; no sympathy lay in their hearts. My kind were slain, our golden furs sold to be worn as coats. After that our numbers fell drastically.”

The girls face lit up in understanding and despair as the lion told her the heartwrenching past of its ancestors. She felt like lead – no longer did she feel afraid, more…enticed by the ancient creature. She shifted her weight and relaxed against the wall. Slowly she started to believe that this animal would not hurt her; it would enlighten her. She could smell the lion’s foul breath – a mixture of raw meat and earth, but she did not mind it any longer. She did not particularly like it, but in a way it felt comforting. Her thoughts were interrupted by the strong voice, shattering the silence once again.

“We were murdered.” Anger had risen into the lion’s voice. “Most of our souls evaporated into the clear air of the skies, the natural way for a lion to die. But some, only very few, lived on in the form of a spirit. Those were the most determined minds, those who would not be taunted and killed –the unforgiving. The others made peace with their fate, but some…some were not satisfied. Slowly they began to learn how to take form in a human, so our race could live on, in a discreet and disguised way. No one knew about this as it only succeeded for the fewest.” The lion took a deep breath and looked into the girls eyes.

“The reason I am telling you this is because you are one of those souls. A part of my spirit lives inside you, as fierce as I once was. I recognized you because you bowed for me. Only a lion would show respect for one another that way. You are not a part of a family – but a legacy.”

The girls eyes widened in shock. She reached into the outer corners of her mind, and found things she had never known before. She crept up beside the lion and fell asleep, listening to the peaceful sound of its short intakes of breath.

She had found herself. She was a lion.

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