This is a poem written about Carrie, which is a character in Stephen King's 'Carrie'. Throughout the poem, I have woven in some of King's other titles.


1. Carrie




Carrie, it is four past midnight,

Yet you stand by the secret window,

Dwelling in your misery and insomnia,

Whilst longing to escape the black house.


Carrie, the people, places and things have changed,

Like the different seasons,

But then your dark half appears,

And you leave the danse macabre.


Carrie, you are the shining fire starter,

Your mind is a roadwork of dark visions,

As you cause the blood and smoke

Before drifting into the mist.


Carrie, you choose the long walk

And take on the night shift,

To ensure that the nightmares and dreamscapes become reality

And that the dream catcher fails all.


Carrie, it is full dark, no stars,

But don't you see the nightmares in the sky?

The skeleton crew trapped in the blaze?

Before you are claimed by the dead zone.


Carrie, you rise just after sunset,

Not a bag of bones as one would first assume,

As one bloody hand pushes through the ground in desperation

To cause the storm of the century.




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