The Legend

So I have a thing for heroism. Linked to the screenplay referred to in The Prophet, this is a poem about the main character and how she will inevitably die but because of her heroic nature she will never be forgotten. In a wider sense it's about great people who die young and how people say 'Oh they could have done so much if only they'd lived' or 'they had so much potential' but what we should really think is perhaps they weren't meant to live on and we should celebrate them for what they did in the time that they had. Perhaps if they lived longer they would lose their greatness over time.


1. The Legend

Some special ones are not meant to longer long

Because of their presence and mind so strong.

You are but this, an amazing thing-

A creature untouched by the curse of ageing. 


Your beauty shall not fade with time,

Nor lose it's radiance divine.

The heat of the fight will not fade away,

Your legend not lost in yesterday.


And never should you age to old

The fire in your eyes never dead and cold,

Nor the fight in your heart be lost in time

Or the sparkle in your eyes lose their shine.


You should not live on this life,

Where it would become a memory-

You pain, your strife,

When your power and passion cease to go on

And you are but a shadow of battles long gone.


Never have eyes burned so bright

In a tragic warrior not meant for life-

You will capture us now in a fleeting instant

Then disappear, mark made

For the the rest of existence.

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