Snowy Days

This is my entry for the poetry competition. I t is quite simple but enjoy and please favourite/like!


1. The Snowy Nightmare

As the soft white snow falls around me,

I jump into the blanket of snow,

The cold makes for my heart,

And my cheeks all red start to glow.


The chilliness starts to engulf me,

And my legs and arms start to freeze,

As the white coat reflects the moonlight,

I suddenly buckle at the knees.



Suddenly I feel fear enter me,

As I cannot get out of this heap,

My lungs start to burn violently,

And in my mind death starts to creep.


I call out for help to anyone,

But no one can hear me scream,

As I wriggle for freedom I think,

'Please let this be just a dream....




and then I wake up.


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