Inu Shoujo

Mayumi was always a normal teenage girl,dealing with grades,boys and drama with her crew.But a gorgeous boy who claims to be an Inugami..and an accidental kiss...changes it all.Mayumi soon discovers she has advanced sight, hearing and sense of smell,and other abilities,and it's up to this boy to teach her how to use them properly.She soon finds herself falling for him....but will her sense of reality let her?

*Inugami=kind of like a dog spirit which is kind of humanoid XD


3. You Again

How did I get myself into this? I'm walking to yet another free period with Shou. "So are you going to tell me or not?" I ask him. "Not yet, I want to spend the whole day with you." He winks at me. "You're really cute when you blush,by the way." Wait,what? I can't be blushing. I don't even know this guy. When we finally get to the classroom he sits next to me. I take out my Algebra homework and I'm poring myself over an equation. "That's e68.",he says. I quickly take out my calculator to count. He's right. So the Inugami/cosplayer is a maths whiz?

A little while after and my homework is done,thanks to Shou's help. "So now that you're done,we can talk. What were you doing yesterday when we met?" he asks me. "I was at a friend's house." He cocks an eyebrow. "And would this friend  be a guy?" Is he serious? "No, I was with Kaoru,Kira and Haru,for Heaven's sake! And so what if I was with a guy?", I answer him. He leans in and says "'re mine now." And then he puts his arm around my shoulder. Who does he think he is?! But it does feel kinda nice... Without realizing it I snuggle into him. He smiles,this time a real smile, and my heart starts  thumping really fast. Then the bell rings again.Moment-killed.

I spend the rest of the school day with the girls,and I find out that the 'confession' on the bathroom wall was written by Ayumi,this year's reigning alpha b****.She has a grudge on Kaoru,and she decided causing friction between her and Harry would be a good enough revenge."And,I heard that now she's got her eyes set on that new kid, Shou.",says Kira. Then Haru makes a disgusted noise and says "There they are. He's probably falling for her already. I don't know what boys see in her."

I look and see Ayumi talking to Shou, pulling out her best moves. Shou's looking around, and he starts walking towards me and says very loudly "Mayu, there you are. We're supposed to go to the sakura park today,right?" I can see Ayumi's jaw drop,then she regains her composure. "The sakura park? What a coincidence, I'll be there too! See you there!",she says then walks away with her posse,everyone in there is giving me dirty looks. Shou looks at me and says "Guess where we're going today?"

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