Inu Shoujo

Mayumi was always a normal teenage girl,dealing with grades,boys and drama with her crew.But a gorgeous boy who claims to be an Inugami..and an accidental kiss...changes it all.Mayumi soon discovers she has advanced sight, hearing and sense of smell,and other abilities,and it's up to this boy to teach her how to use them properly.She soon finds herself falling for him....but will her sense of reality let her?

*Inugami=kind of like a dog spirit which is kind of humanoid XD


5. Cherry(Shou POV)

What was I thinking? Why did I force her to go with me? Just because that slut was coming on to me.. But I did score a date with her... Maybe once she gets to know me, she'll look past the fact that I'm an Inugami. Wait,what? Not even the most understanding girl in the world would look past that. I'm not even human. Arghh, I'm going crazy just thinking of her!!! Stupid heart, stop beating so fast!! But if it does work out, won't she turn into an Inugami? So not only does she have to accept that I'm not human, she has to accept that she won't be human anymore. Nice,Shou,nice. Why didn't I listen to my mom? Okay, I have to chill out. Pick something nice to wear. TRY NOT TO FREAK THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS OUT WITH MY INU-NESS!!!!!


I had no idea how to this,since it was in a guy's mind. Sometimes I wonder how those strange creatures think.... ;)

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