Inu Shoujo

Mayumi was always a normal teenage girl,dealing with grades,boys and drama with her crew.But a gorgeous boy who claims to be an Inugami..and an accidental kiss...changes it all.Mayumi soon discovers she has advanced sight, hearing and sense of smell,and other abilities,and it's up to this boy to teach her how to use them properly.She soon finds herself falling for him....but will her sense of reality let her?

*Inugami=kind of like a dog spirit which is kind of humanoid XD


4. Cherry(Mayu POV)

"Why didn't you tell us you were going out with the hot new kid? I thought best friends are supposed to tell each other everything! Well,not tampons and periods everything,but boys everything,definately boys everything!",Haru says. Sometimes I wonder how that girl manages to breathe. "I'm not dating him." Then Kaoru shoots "Then why are you going to the sakura park with him?" "He wants to escape from Ayumi?", I try.

"OMG! Finally a guy with sense!",shouts Kira. Kaoru clamps a hand over her mouth and hisses "Not too loud,Ayumi's spies are everywhere!",and we all start laughing. Haru stops laughing first and says "But we have to go shopping,get new stuff and make sure you look way better than Ayumi,just to make her even more mad." "What time are you going?",asks Kira. "About 4?" I answer. Then,Kira is no longer Kira the swimmer,ice hockey player, and Domo fan that we all know and love,she's Kira the power shopper. "We have to make this a fast one."


Fast forward an hour later,and we're at the mall. We stop at one of Kira's fave shops and they drag me in. We walk around the shop till we reach a rack of really pretty dresses. "Ooh,how bout this one?",asks Haru. She holds up a black dress with silver accents.From the looks of it,it probably ends mid-thigh. "Too showy." Kira shows me a rose pink sundress with spaghetti straps. "It'll match the sakura.",she says with a smile. "Go try it on",urges Haru.

I do,and it looks amazing. I step out of the dressing room,and my friends all start speaking their approval. We shop a little bit more,then we pay and I get dragged to Kaoru's place to be 'prepped'.

"There's only one rule:Do anything to make Ayumi mad.",says Kaoru. Then they start telling me about how lucky I am to go out with someone as hot as Shou,that I shouldn't mess things up,etc. Then just as I'm about to go back home to wait for him to pick me up,Kira says "And Mayu? Have fun." I nod eagerly and start walking home.

Now that I think of it,Shou is really hot. And he did reject Ayumi,so that shows he has a brain in that head of his. And maybe he likes me? For the first time,I start to feel excited about this. And my heart beats really fast.



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