Inu Shoujo

Mayumi was always a normal teenage girl,dealing with grades,boys and drama with her crew.But a gorgeous boy who claims to be an Inugami..and an accidental kiss...changes it all.Mayumi soon discovers she has advanced sight, hearing and sense of smell,and other abilities,and it's up to this boy to teach her how to use them properly.She soon finds herself falling for him....but will her sense of reality let her?

*Inugami=kind of like a dog spirit which is kind of humanoid XD


6. Blossom

We finally get out of pink,sweet smelling hell and Shou asks me "Wanna come to my place? We didn't really get to talk with that girl on our backs." I'm not sure if I should trust him,since I just met him and so far I've seen him fall out of a tree, and at school he's been kind of a perve,and oh yeah, the ears and fangs I saw yesterday which aren't there today. He notices me hesitating and says "Aww,come on, I didn't get to spend any time alone with you today,and you do want to know about yesterday,right?" Then he waggles his eyebrows. How can he be so cute? And I'm not sure what it is,but something pushes me to say yes.

"YAY!!!!" He screams this,and luckily there's no one else on the street to notice. Wait, no one else on the street? I'm walking into potential disaster here,but I'm thinking about how good looking this guy is? Well,at least I'll be able to identify him in a line up...........

"So,why were you alone during Gym today?",he asks. "My friends had things to do outside of school.",I answer. "Well,it's a good thing they did,or we wouldn't have been able to spend time together."


"I have something to confess,you might have guessed it by now." Is he talking about being an Inugami? No,he can't be. Then he continues "I'm not human. I'm an Inugami." Huh? I wasn't seeing things yesterday night? "Are you serious?",I ask. Really,that's the best thing I can muster up. He nods,and the look in his eyes is pleading,almost desperate. "Then in school......" He responds "It was all an act. I knew you would be freaked out if I just came up and introduced myself,so I acted like I planned it all.

To tell the truth,I've been watching you for a while. I accidentally slipped from that tree,so I decided why not take the chance?" He waits for me to respond but I can't. Then he starts talking again. "I know this is weird, you saw me fall out of a tree, then show up at your school,then I dragged you to a park with me. Not exactly the best way to pick up girls." How is he still so cute? Then it hits me- puppy dog eyes. If he's an Inugami,then surely he'll be able to pull that out. "Come on,I'll tell you more at my place."

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