Inu Shoujo

Mayumi was always a normal teenage girl,dealing with grades,boys and drama with her crew.But a gorgeous boy who claims to be an Inugami..and an accidental kiss...changes it all.Mayumi soon discovers she has advanced sight, hearing and sense of smell,and other abilities,and it's up to this boy to teach her how to use them properly.She soon finds herself falling for him....but will her sense of reality let her?

*Inugami=kind of like a dog spirit which is kind of humanoid XD


1. Did you just fall out of a tree?


"Yumi !!! Hurry up,we have to get to Japanese Lit,like,pronto!" Harumi's voice woke me from my daydream. I quickly gathered my books and got going. When we finally got to class, I saw that Kira saved seats for me and Haru. We took our seats. Kira was next to me and Haru was in front of me,and on my other side was my friend Harry, a transfer student from America and also Kira's boyfriend.The seat behind me was empty, since the classroom was built to accomodate 40 and only 20 of us signed up for the class. To my defence,my parents forced me to join in return for letting me join the Student Homing Programme,which is actually pretty near my neighbourhood so they could come visit me anytime. Kira's in here thanks to her increasingly detioriating GPA, which is actually because of her being accepted into the cheerleading club. It's the same case for Harry, but in his case it's basketball.And Haru just joined because me and Kira would be here and she didn't want to be alone during her otherwise free period. That and her crush Kenji is in this class,but he's actually interested in this stuff.

Sensei Hirou tells us to open our textbooks to page 56, which we do. A picture of a humanoid dog is there, and it totally takes me by surprise. Then I look at the topic, 'Yokai in Historical Script.' He spends some time telling us about Kitsunes,and how the idea of a fox spirit is well-known throughout Asia, but how the personalities of the spirits differ from country to country. "In Japan, Kitsunes are known for being tricksters and don't really show any moral background. Their antics range from playing tircks on the unsuspecting traveller to stealing the identity of a human.The Huli Jing of China has about the same characteristics.The Gumiho of Korea, however, is almost always seen in a negative light,such as killing a bride and assuming her identity in order to eat the liver of her husband."Hmm,Gumiho,I think I watched a drama about that. She didn't seem that bad, actually it was a really cute love story. Then the bell rings and Sensei Hirou says "Okay, read up on Inugamis for next week's lesson."

I'm walking down the hall when Masahiko from my Science class stops me.He looks...flustered.I've never seen him like this before,I mean,this is the guy who looked our headmistress in the eye and called her a b****."Hey,Mayu,I have something to tell you.I like you.Will you go out with me?" So this is why he's like this. I never thought someone like him would have a crush on me. Well, he's cute but I know Kaoru has had a crush on him for a long time. "Can you give me some time to think?", I ask him. He nods and his face looks flushed.

When I get to my usual lunch table with Kira,Haru and Kaoru."Hey, I saw you talking to Masahiko.What was that about?", Haru asks. "He...asked me out." I'm still pretty dazed by it."Seriously?What did you say?" This time it's from Kaoru.I suddenly feel bad because I know how hearbroken she must feel. "I asked him to give me some time,but you know I'll say 'no'. Anyway he's cute,but he's so not my type." Kaoru looks relieved. "So,are we still having our usual get-together at my place?" Kaoru's parents run this massive perfume company, so her house is really big and we hang out there all the time.

When we get to her house,we head straight to the game room. It used to be impossible for us to get in there,but now that her brother has extra classes we can use it as much as we want. "You guys are so lucky you don't have Biology with Sensei Takamoto,we had to disect frogs today.And he gave us a ton of homework. How lame is that?",Haru says.She's always had trouble in Bio,but this year it's gotten a lot worse. "Yeah,he's a total prick."Kira had to go through class with him last year,so she was exposed to the horror way before the rest of us. "Anyway,don't we have to read up on that Inugami thing for Sensei Hirou?",Haru cuts in. I guess she's way more up for reading instead of doing Sensei Takamoto's mounds of homework.


An Inugami is usually created by a family by sorcery as a means of protection. Already created Inugamis can also mate and produce offspring.Should an Inugami fall in love with a human,there are two options: either the offspring are half breeds,or the pair goes through a ceremony in which the human mate is turned Inugami.The second option is the most common, as a kiss from a full-breed Inugami(one not created by sorcery,but by the union of two existing Inugamis) can turn one into an Inugami.

Then there's a list of media where Inugamis appear,and some pictures. "That was... interesting.",I say. The mood in here has gotten a bit quiter,although it wasn't really that scary.We continue doing our homework for a few hours,then I realise I have to go home,although my parents are outstation I still have to keep my promise to be at home before 6. "Okay,bye guys." "Bye.", they all say at the same time,then burst out laughing.

I'm walking home and I see a really pretty sakura tree.I used to watch the blossoms every year with my sister before she went to college. I'm still admiring it and suddenly I hear a thump. I look down and see what is possibly the most gorgeous guy ever. He looks up at me and says with a lopsided grin. "Hey." Wait,are those fangs in his mouth?! And I just realised that his ears are at the top of his head,like a dog's. Before I know it,my legs are working ahead of me, and I'm running back home.




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