The secret.

Kamryn, a 17 year old girl who lives in London that LOVES One Direction is excited to get 1D concert tickets is shocked when her mom accidentally tells her a secret she's been hiding for years: Harry Styles is her cousin. Then, it comes to her. The curly brown hair, the sparkling green eyes. Kamryn, then tries to get to Harry to find out why they never told her about her secret cousin.


7. We're over!

The next morning I got a text from Ken: Hey babe I can't make it 2 lunch, I'm sick!! :( xx
Text to ken: Sorry babe hope u feel better! xx
I already have a reservation so I called Clara. "Hello?" Clara said. "Hey Clara it's Kamryn. I was supposed to go to lunch with ken but he's sick! Want to come instead?" I asked. "Sure!" she said. "bye" "bye"
About half way through our lunch Clara tapped my arm and said " hey, look over there!" "what is it?" I asked. "That's ken! It looks like he's with....Emilia!!" she said " I turned around " I'll be right back..." I said getting up. I slowly walked up to them as they leaned in for a kiss. "Hey ken. Looks like you're feeling better!" I said. "What do you mean?" Emilia asked looking confused. "I wasn't talking to you, was I?" I spat at her. "uh..... It's not what it looks like!" ken said. "Why we're you kissing her?!?! You said you were sick!" I said to him. Emilia stood up. "We were kissing because we're dating!" she said to me. "I've been dating ken for two years!" I said to Emilia. "What?! I've been dating ken for 4 months!" she said back to me. We both turned to face ken. "We're over!!" we both yelled. Then I saw harry coming towards me. "I thought I heard you! Why were you yelling?" Harry asked. "I just found out out my boyfriend has been cheating on me for 4 months." I said to Harry pointing at ken. "I went to school with him! He dated 3 girls at once in 8th grade!" Harry said. Kens face turned red then he ran out.
When I got home I got a text from Niall: I heared you broke up with ur boyfriend. Wanna go see a movie now?? ;) xx
Text to Niall: sure. Is 2morrow nite good? :) xx
Text from Niall: Sure. What movie? xx
Text to Niall: there's not a lot of movies showing:( we could go bowling:) xx
Text from Niall: Sure:) c u 2morrow :) xx
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