The secret.

Kamryn, a 17 year old girl who lives in London that LOVES One Direction is excited to get 1D concert tickets is shocked when her mom accidentally tells her a secret she's been hiding for years: Harry Styles is her cousin. Then, it comes to her. The curly brown hair, the sparkling green eyes. Kamryn, then tries to get to Harry to find out why they never told her about her secret cousin.


3. Questions.

As my mum left the kitchen, my mind started swirling with questions. Why didn't they tell me? Why did they not trust me enough to tell me? Why have I been lied to my whole life? 'I have to go talk to my mom again!' I thought
"Mum, can I talk to you?" I asked. "Sure. What's up, Kam?" she replied. ('Kam' is her nickname for me) "why did you and dad not trust me enough to tell me about Harry and Aunt Anne?" i said to her. "Your father didn't want to even hear her name after the fight. He was really mad at her for trying to control his life. I wanted to tell you but he wouldn't let me. I'm so sorry, Kamryn." she explained. 'That answers all my questions!' I thought to myself. "Oh, and don't tell your dad I told you! He was going to tell you tonight!" she says. "K, thanks mum!" I say walking to my room. I jumped onto my bed. 'Should I call Carla and tell her about Harry?' I thought. 'I can't. If she tells ANYONE Harry's life would be ruined. So would mine.'

"KAMRYN!! Come down stairs! I need to tell you somthing!" dad shouted up stairs. "IM COMING DAD!!" I called back." Harry Styles from the band you love, One Direction is your cousin. His mom is my sis-" I cut him off. I couldn't keep it in. "I know. Mum told me today." I said to him. He just glared at mum. "Im gonna finish homework." I quietly said standing up. I climbed up the stairs to my room. I heard some yelling so I put on my head phones and listened to my iPod.
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