The secret.

Kamryn, a 17 year old girl who lives in London that LOVES One Direction is excited to get 1D concert tickets is shocked when her mom accidentally tells her a secret she's been hiding for years: Harry Styles is her cousin. Then, it comes to her. The curly brown hair, the sparkling green eyes. Kamryn, then tries to get to Harry to find out why they never told her about her secret cousin.


5. Meeting Harry.

After the concert, me and Carla went to find Harry. We found him behind the dumpster. "Hey, Kamryn." Harry said. "Hey, Harry. How long have you known that we're cousins?" I asked. "Since I was 8. So, about 10 years." Harry told me. "I just found out" I replied. "The boys want to meet you. If you want I can take you and your friend backstage." Harry said to me. "Oh my gosh yes!!!!" Carla squealed. "CARLA!!" I yelled. "Sorry,Harry." Carla said. "That sounds fun. I'll just call my mom and tell her I'll be a bit late." I told Harry.
Carla's p.o.v
I can't believe I'm about to meet One Direction!! I thought to myself. Harry led us to their dressing room. I saw Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn sitting down and smiling at ME! I mean us.The room started spinning. I fell and hit my head. A few seconds later everyone was crowding me and asking if I was okay. "Yeah, Yeah. I'm fine." I said to them. Inside I was freaking out because I was face-to-face with one direction!
Kamryn's p.o.v
We all helped up Carla. Just by looking at her I knew that she was freaking out inside. I've known that face since 2nd grade.
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