The secret.

Kamryn, a 17 year old girl who lives in London that LOVES One Direction is excited to get 1D concert tickets is shocked when her mom accidentally tells her a secret she's been hiding for years: Harry Styles is her cousin. Then, it comes to her. The curly brown hair, the sparkling green eyes. Kamryn, then tries to get to Harry to find out why they never told her about her secret cousin.


6. I have a boyfriend..... * short*

After about 30 minutes my mom called me and told me to go home.
When I woke up and checked my phone. I had 2 texts. One from Niall, and one from Louis (Danielle, Elenoar, and Perrie arnt included in the story)
Niall: Hey Kamryn wanna go 2 a movie 2nite? :) xx
Text to Niall: I'd luv 2 but I have a boyfriend xx
Louis: Wanna go to lunch 2morrow Kamryn? :) xx
Text to Louis: Sorry Im going 2 lunch with my boyfriend 2 morrow xx
Right after I sent that text I got a reply:
Louis: We can go 2day! ;) xx
Text to Louis: I HAVE A BOYFRIEND LOUIS!!! xx
I call ken (my boyfriend) and ask him if he does want to go to lunch tomorrow just in case I run into Louis. After that, I made a reservation at a restaurant.
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