The secret.

Kamryn, a 17 year old girl who lives in London that LOVES One Direction is excited to get 1D concert tickets is shocked when her mom accidentally tells her a secret she's been hiding for years: Harry Styles is her cousin. Then, it comes to her. The curly brown hair, the sparkling green eyes. Kamryn, then tries to get to Harry to find out why they never told her about her secret cousin.


1. Getting Tickets

" Clara! It's Kamryn. You won't believe what just happened I say. "What is it!?!?" Clara excitedly asks. " I got two tickets to One Direction!" I say. " Oh..... My.......Gosh!" Is al that Clara can say. " I'm taking you!" I tell her. All I hear is Clara screaming at the top of her lungs.

Did Kamryn Lynn Jones just say that she's taking me to the concert? I cannot believe this! I skype her the plan how we're gonna get to the concert.
"Heyyy, Kamryn." I say." Heyyy, Clara." she replies. "So, how are we getting to the concert?" I ask. "I'll drive." Kamryn says. "wanna come over tomorrow and make posters for the concert?" I ask her. "Sure"


"So, after school at 4:30?" I asked Clara. "Sure" she says. "I gotta go, Clara" I say. "Bye kk" "Bye cc"
Kk and Cc are our nick names for each other.

"Mom,I'm going to Clara's house tommorow to make posters for the concert." I say. "Excited to see your cousins concert?" my mom says. "What does that mean.......?" I say.
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