One Less Lonely Girl

Stacey Jane was close to her dream, to move to England. She tried out for X-Factor, she came a close placing to her favourite band! After Stacey put out her 1st Single, she had just broken up with her boyfriend. Stacey had had it with boys, until a special boy comes along and changes her life forever!


2. The Call Back

*Authors Note*After realizing I had 51 views on my first chapter, I thought I'd add the second chapter! Please give your friends the link to this book and fav, like and fan :D Love you all!

Simon's POV:

"Okay boys, Mel and I have decided that you are too good to just let go of. So we have decided that we are gonna` put you into a boy band, we feel you will get further that way." Simon smiled and I saw all the boys jumping with joy, hugging each other on the way. Liam walked over to me and grabbed my hand, I waited for something to be said from Liam. Nothing. "And Stacey you have a magnificent voice but I don't think you will come first, I want to do the best for you so you can travel with the boys and sing about 2 songs at their concerts..well if they win!" Everyone started laughing and Liam was about to explode knowing that I was able to follow him everywhere. I ran over to Simon and gave him the biggest hug ever! He sent me back over to the stage with the boys. Mel then asked me, "Stacey, Miss Stacey Jane? You have a great sense of style, how would it make you feel to be their stylists?" I looked over to Liam, he was as confused as I was but somehow wanted me to do it. He was crazily nodding hoping I would get his gesture. I nodded to Mel. So now I was able to travel with Liam, and be their stylists! How could my day get any better?! 

Liam's POV:

I was so excited that I was put into a band with the rest of the boys! I walked over to them and decided to join into their conversation. "So Liam, what would you like to call the band?" Harry smiled and rubbed his neck, waiting for the best name to exit my mouth. I stood and thought for a while, "How about 'One Direction' we all have the same dreams and are not looking back going for the same thing, one way or another!" Louis smirked in agreement. "Liam, that is the best name ever!" Harry hugged me whispering in to my ear, it was awkward at first than he started to hum my audition song. It wasn't as awkward anymore. "Stacey! Come over here! Liam wants to talk to you!" Louis ran over to Stacey, grabbed her hand and dragged her to me, he then slightly pushed us towards the couch back stage. I rubbed my neck and scratched my head. I finally spoke, "Umm, Stacey. I think your really sweet and i was wondering if I could come to your house later?" "I..I don't have a house." I was shocked! I was speechless. "W..What happened?" "My parents were in a house fire, I've been wondering the streets for months now." "I know this is a lot to ask since we just met but, the boys and I have decided to get a penthouse just for the band. But, would you like to live with us?" "Oh..oh my god! YES!!" She jumped onto my lap and hugged me so tightly I couldn't breathe! She looked at me for a bit and kissed me. It was short but what felt a long time. I thought a loud 'My first kiss, with the most beautiful girl in the world'. "Well thank you Leee-yumm!" She smirked and walked away. I sat on the couch for a couple seconds with a million thoughts in mind, after about a minute of sitting, Stacey came back. I started to smile and jumped up and hugged her! What was i doing? "Hey Liam, um. Did you want my number? You can just text me the address and I'll be there in my Audi." "Why can't you come with me now?" "I was at a foster home but I hated it there! So I ran away. I'll just grab some stuff, figure out an escape plan and run!" "You have got to be the most gorgeous, devious girl in the world!" "Well thank you Liam." She smirked taking my phone out of my pocket, sitting down, inserting her number into my phone. She handed it back to me and texted me just to make sure it worked. "Dud you...?" "Yup!" "You are so evil!" I laughed and got extremely close to Stacey, I was nervous and didn't know what i was going to do at this point. "Umm, do you want me to kiss you?" Why did I just ask that! I'm such an idiot! "Go ahead, but next time. Don't ask." she smirked and we were millimetres away. I got a hand to my back and tripped onto Stacey, lying on the ground we laughed as Louis walked past. Nice move Louis! * face-palm* I thought it was time, to kiss her. I leant down and our lips touched, I closed my eyes and Supported Stacey's head with my hand. We have only just met but I think I want to take it to the next step. "Stacey, will you be my girlfriend?"

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