Up At The Lake

It had always been the five of them, just friends. Every summer at Zayn’s parents house in Wild Pines Country Club was the same. Louis and Liam were lifeguards, Harry and Niall were camp counselors and Zayn was a waiter at the clubhouse. They kept to themselves, and nothing ever changed. That is, until one summer made them second-guess what all the ones they spent together really meant. 
AU. Larry and Niam.


3. Over The Edge


“Alright mates, it’s been real, but I’m exhausted. Gotta save my energy for tonight.” Zayn smirked as he walked up the stairs to his room. “Yeah I’m with him. See ya!” Louis agreed and Harry followed after him. That left Niall and Liam standing in the kitchen in complete silence. Liam was rocking from one foot to the other wanting to say something, but just couldn’t find the right words to do so. Liam took a deep breath as Niall began to walk away. Liam tried to call him back, but his throat became dry and he was speechless.   “Okay look, I’m sorry for what happened the other day!” Niall said, which caught Liam by surprise. “But it was just too much, too fast. I wasn’t expecting it and I was certainly not ready. You have no right to be mad at me for that! I’m really confused right now and don’t know how I feel about any of this. I have a lot of things to figure out myself and it doesn’t help with you not speaking to me! I would appreciate it if you just respected my choices. You’re one of my best mates and I don’t want it to be awkward between us, but I’m not gonna pretend that it didn’t happen, because it did and you need to get over it!” Liam’s jaw dropped in shock, and before he could even get a word in Niall stormed out of the room. That was not how Liam planned on things happening. . He was suppose to make things better with Niall, not worse! -o- Niall was laying on his bed when he heard the door to his room creak open. “Liam, just get out, alright?” He felt Liam’s presence behind him. He stood up and faced him. He opened his mouth to yell but before he could say anything, Liam pressed his soft lips against Niall’s. For a second, Niall just stood there. What was happening? A couple of minutes ago Liam had been ignoring him, then he was yelling at him, and now they were kissing? He felt Liam’s hand grab his back and Niall snapped back to reality. He let the kiss last a second more before pulling away. “Liam, I’m not sure I’m- you know- like this.” Niall looked down at his feet, not sure of what else to say. He couldn’t help but to feel a little embarrassed of the whole situation.  He didn’t like guys. Yeah, he had feelings for Liam, but he wasn’t gay. Did it even work like that? The whole thing was just too much for him. Liam lifted Niall’s chin up and looked into his eyes. “Take as much time as you need, love. I’ll wait for you. Just promise me this won’t ruin anything. Not only do I happen to have feelings for you, but you’re my best mate. I  don’t want that to ever change. Come downstairs in a little bit and I’ll make you some lunch.” He gave Niall a little wink before leaving to go down to the kitchen. Niall flopped back down on his bed. What the hell was going on? Why did kissing Liam seem so right? They had both always liked girls, its not like either of them had had boyfriends before. They were just two straight guys that had feelings for each other. Did that even make sense? Ugh, he was so confused. He heard his stomach growl and decided to take Liam up on his lunch offer. He could never resist food! -o- The ride in the morning seemed a lot less awkward than the one the morning before. Liam and Niall seemed to be back to normal. They joked around and teased each other the whole way to the camp. Niall still wasn’t sure how he felt about the whole “being gay” situation but he was glad he had Liam back as his best friend. Zayn wasn’t there, as he was completely hungover at home and called in sick. That’s just like Zayn to call in sick his second day of work. From how it had sounded the night before, him and Perrie had really hit it off. Harry and Louis had just watched TV and a quick movie before going to sleep early for the night. It had been a long first day and they both had needed some thinking time. “Bye Lou, bye Liam, see ya in a bit!” Harry was excited as he and Niall jumped out of the car and made their way to their camp groups. He going to the pool today! Well, his camp group was, but that meant he was going to get to see Louis for almost the whole day. Harry was gathering up his campers when Caroline approached them. “Hopefully you got some rest, these kids can really be a handful when they get excited!” Caroline warned. Harry gave a half hearted laugh, but he wasn’t in the mood for Caroline. He just wanted to get the kids in order and get to the pool already. Caroline, flustered by Harry’s uninterest, flounced away. Harry and the other counselor in his group, Ed, lined up the fourth years and loaded them onto the rusty metal bus. The ride to the pool was only 5 minutes, but it seemed endless with the mix of the anticipation to see Louis and the campers’ annoying singing. When they finally arrived, Harry rushed his campers off of the bus and brought them to the picnic tables where they had to leave their stuff at. They all threw their bags and towels and ran over to the pool. Harry watched as all the children jumped in and splashed around. Their laughter brought a smile to his face and what brought an even bigger smile was the sight of Louis. Louis looked so nice standing there watching all the kids. With his tan body, sunglasses and that swim trunk that was so tight on his-Harry got caught up on his own thought and shook away the idea of thinking of Louis like that. Louis was his best mate, nothing more and nothing less. Instead of getting mixed up in his own thoughts Harry decided to go over and talk to Louis just to see how his day was going so far and everything. “Hey what’s up?” Louis greeted Harry when he saw him coming towards him. “Nothing. Just glad to get a little break from these kids. Now they’re all your responsibility.” Harry joked as he patted Louis’ bare back. “Ha, they’re only my responsibility when they’re swimming.” Louis shot back with a smirk. “No seriously though, how’s work been going?” Harry asked. “It’s actually been pretty good, except that I don’t get to see your cheeky face all day.” Louis teased. Harry couldn’t help but to feel some butterflies. Louis joked around and said things like that all the time, but now he felt almost like they were flirting. Why were things different now? Why was he having these feelings? Harry was interrupted from his thoughts by feeling a push on his back. He lost his balance and fell to the deep water below. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. The water pushed down on him from all sides, and Harry didn’t know how to swim. The more he struggled the more disorientated he got. Up, down, left, right, nothing made any sense anymore. He pushed with his arms and legs but he could find any leverage, for all he knew he was pushing himself further down. His lungs burned for more air and even though he knew he would get none his body still took a breath. Cold water filled his lungs and blood pounded behind his eyes. Long seconds went by and he had nothing left in him to fight anymore. He let the water take him and he blacked out, Louis’ shouts fading as he lost consciousness.
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