Up At The Lake

It had always been the five of them, just friends. Every summer at Zayn’s parents house in Wild Pines Country Club was the same. Louis and Liam were lifeguards, Harry and Niall were camp counselors and Zayn was a waiter at the clubhouse. They kept to themselves, and nothing ever changed. That is, until one summer made them second-guess what all the ones they spent together really meant. 
AU. Larry and Niam.


2. Off To An Interesting Start

“It’s awfully quiet back there.” Louis teased as he continued to drive down the long street. His comment was met only by another awkward silence. He looked at Harry who sat in the passenger seat and they exchanged a shrug. Louis then peered at the other three boys in the back seat of the Porshe. Zayn seemed to be as confused about Niall and Liam’s avoidance as Harry and Louis. Louis heard the beginning of his favorite song on the radio and turned it up, hoping to bring up the other boys’ moods.

Louis sang along. “Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby, let me know, girl I’m gonna show you how to do it and we start real slow, you just put your lips together and you come real close-“ He was cut off by a sharp voice from the back of the car.

“Change the song.” Liam said firmly. “I hate that song.”

Louis being his sassy self, ignored Liam’s request and continued to belt the lyrics. Liam growing more annoyed yelled out, “Turn it off!”

Harry’s hand reached over to the radio and collided with Louis’. They looked up at each other and Harry’s green eyes met with Louis’ crystal blue ones. After a second, Harry looked away, staring out his window. Louis changed the station and continued to look out the windshield at the road in front of him.

Harry thought to himself about what had just happened. Why did he have butterflies in his stomach? It’s not like they had never touched before. Why had he all of a sudden gotten so jittery from just looking into Louis’ eyes? He lost his train of thought as they pulled up to the camp. He didn’t want to leave the car. He wanted to stay with Louis. Why was he thinking like this all of a sudden? He saw Niall jump out of the car and he forced himself to turn and face Louis.

“Bye, see ya later Lou,” he mumbled and got out of the car.

As Harry slammed the door behind him he saw Niall already talking and laughing with some little kids. Harry saw an older looking lady approach him and he quickly put on his best smile.

“Hello, I’m Caroline, the camp’s director. I will be in charge of running the camp and keeping everything in order for the next two months. What’s your name?” Caroline greeted Harry.

“Hi, I’m Harry and this is my friend Niall.” Harry said as he pulled Niall over next to him.

“Oh wonderful!” Caroline exclaimed. She looked down at her clipboard. “Niall, you will be working with the first years and Harry you will be with the fourth years.”

“Sounds great!” Niall said, trying to sound cheery even though he had more things on his mind than worrying about a group of children.

“Alright mate, we’ll meet the others in the front at the end of the day. Good luck.” Harry said as Niall walked off to find his group.


By the end of the day Harry was exhausted.  The kids he had in his camp group were animals. They hadn’t listened to a word Harry had said the entire day. Once they had all been picked up he laid his head down on the table and shut his eyes. He dozed off for a second but was startled when someone poked his shoulder.

“Long day?” He looked up and came face to face with Caroline. He stumbled to get to his feet and she giggled at his nervousness. “Don’t worry Harry, everyone gets tired out their first day.”

He smiled at her. “You don’t look tired at all. Actually, you look just as beautiful as when you came in this morning.” Harry smirked. Caroline looked down at her feet and blushed. Harry glanced over to the parking lot and saw that Louis was already waiting for him and Niall was climbing into the car. “My ride is here,” Harry said.

Caroline finally looked up and handed him a paper from her clipboard. “Here’s your schedule for this week, you’re going to the pool tomorrow, don’t forget a bathing suit!”

Louis watched as Harry made his way over to the car with a huge smile on his face. Why did he look so happy? What was that lady saying to him?  Why had he been flirting with her? She looked way too old for him. Why did he care anyway? Harry could do whatever he wanted, right?

Harry hopped into the passenger seat and grinned at Louis. “How was your first day, Lou?”

To this Louis smiled. “ I had had a great day, actually. My manager Simon put me in charge of the lifeguard rotations at the pool, meaning I’m going to get more authority and, of course, more pay. How was your day, Haz?” He wanted to hear what the deal was with this flirty woman.

“It was fine. The children really tired me out, I got put with the fourth years. My boss though, Caroline, she’s fit.”

Niall kicked the back of Harry’s seat and laughed. “Dude, she’s like 30 something!”

Louis knew Caroline was the woman Harry had been talking to. Just to make sure, Louis questioned Harry. “You gonna go for it, Harry?”

Harry thought about it. She was gorgeous, and he was sure she was interested, but he wasn’t really sure if he was actually into her or if he just wanted to keep his mind off someone else…. He glanced over at Louis. He was more into- what was he thinking? “Why not? She’s hot.” He peeked over at Louis. He didn’t seem to care, but on the inside, he was torn.

They pulled up to the clubhouse and Zayn jumped into the back, forcing Niall to scoot over next to Liam, who had been silently staring out the window this whole time.  Niall tried to keep his distance, but his arm leant against Liam’s and Liam fidgeted in his seat. Everything with them had been awkward since the night before.

Zayn began pulling out scraps of paper from his pocket. “Today at work I met tons of girls! I love this place!”

Niall’s mouth dropped. “Are those all girls’ numbers?”

“You bet, mate. I have a date with this girl named Perrie tonight so I won’t be home. You guys have any plans?”

Liam heard Zayn talking, but he wasn’t paying attention. His mind was focused on Niall’s soft skin brushing on his with every bump the car hit. He had thought about Niall the whole time he had been working at the pool. He knew Niall wanted to talk to him just as much, as he wanted to talk to Niall, but he couldn’t bring himself to start the conversation. It was just too uncomfortable, especially in front of the other guys. Maybe when they got home? Yes, he decided, when they got home they were going to talk about what had happened. He was not going to let this ruin their friendship
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