Up At The Lake

It had always been the five of them, just friends. Every summer at Zayn’s parents house in Wild Pines Country Club was the same. Louis and Liam were lifeguards, Harry and Niall were camp counselors and Zayn was a waiter at the clubhouse. They kept to themselves, and nothing ever changed. That is, until one summer made them second-guess what all the ones they spent together really meant. 
AU. Larry and Niam.


1. First Day Up

“Zayn….Zayn…ZAYN!” Harry yelled as he threw his water bottle at the sleeping Bradford boy’s head.

“Calm down mate. I’m up,” he grumbled as he opened his eyes. “We’re here already?”

Niall jumped out of the car. “Yeah, you’ve been asleep for the past two hours. Come on I’m hungry and you’re the only one with the key.”

Zayn tossed him his knot of keys and stumbled out of the car. The other boys had already grabbed their bags from the trunk and were waiting at the front door. Niall ran up to them and opened the door.

“I call master bed room to myself.” Zayn winked.

Liam raised his eyebrows. “What are your plans for this summer?”

Zayn smirked. “What do you think, Liam? C’mon, you’re a smart boy.”

A blonde head poked out from behind the fridge door. “Dude, that’s your parents bed, that’s bloody gross!”

“Niall, mate, worse has happened in that bed.” The boys all let out a sound of disgust. Zayn rolled his eyes as Niall handed him an icy beer.

“Alright, enough of that, how are we going to split up the other two rooms?”

“Doesn’t matter to me.” Liam said even though he knew exactly who he wanted to room with.

The minute the words left his mouth Louis’s arm was already around Liam’s shoulder. “Lifeguards together? Leave those little pedophile bastards to themselves.”

“Louis, you really seemed to love giving that little boy mouth to mouth last summer.” Harry teased.

Louis chuckled at the joke. “Whatever, lad, we get the bigger room!”

All five boys laughed as they ran to their rooms and started to unpack their bags.


Louis and Liam were snickering at one of Zayn’s baby pictures they had found in their bedroom when they heard a knock at the door. “Come in!” Louis panted.

Niall strolled over to the guys. “I’m gonna pick up a pizza, anyone want to join me?”

Liam jumped up quickly, a little too quickly. “I will!” he smiled.

Louis watched as the two boys left the room. He fell back onto the bed and closed his eyes. Before he knew it Harry was jumping on his bed announcing that Niall and Liam were back with the pizza.

Louis and Harry walked downstairs together, Louis still half asleep.

Zayn entered the kitchen. “Smells good!”

“Yup.” Niall said not looking up at his best mate.

They all helped themselves to slices and chatted around the table. Niall and Liam, though, remained silent, focusing intently on their food. Once Liam had finished his second slice, he stood up and stormed off to his room.

“What’s up with him?” Harry stated with a confused look on his face.

Niall spoke up for the first time since they had been eating. “Nothing. He’s just a bit tired.” He stood up and threw out his plate. “I think I’m gonna head up to bed too.”

The remaining boys watched as their usually lively friend silently stumbled up the stairs and into his room. Zayn shook his head and began to make his way to his room. “So weird…” he mumbled.

“I think I’m gonna head up too. That is, unless you need me to tuck you in Hazza?” Louis sneered.

Harry shoved Louis against the fridge as he tossed his leftover crust into the trash. “I’m a big boy now, but thanks anyway Loubear.” 
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