All The Same Mistakes

Y/N breaks up with her ex, George and meets Harry Styles. Both Harry and Y/N spend alot of time together and end up dating and both make the same mistakes as each other. But will it go too far? Will they stay together or end up as friends?


2. The First Kiss

The next day at 4:30pm i headed to the park and i saw Harry sitting on a picnic blanket with a picnic basket. "hi." i said. "hi love. You look great." he said as he stood up to hug me. "thanks. So do you." i said. "thanks. I made us some sandwiches." harry said as we both sat down. "yummy." i said. Harry handed me a sandwich ad a bottle of water. "thanks." i said. "no problem." As we ate i noticed tht girls were taking pictures of us. "why are there girls taking pictures of us?" i asked. "they're fans." he said. "fans?" "'ve never heard of me?" "no." i replied. "im Harry Styles. You know, from One Direction." "One Direction? OH! Ive heard of you guys." "yeah. There is five of us. Me, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn." "oh ok......" i said. "do you always have girls taking pictures of you?" i asked. "Yeah. Everywhere i go. One day. It would be nice to be a normal guy. No pictures or people following me. I mean, i love my fans, i just want to be a normal guy for one day." harry said. I smiled at him and stood up. "come with me." i said as i helped him up. We got into my car and i drove to a "special" lake. When we arrived i hopped out of the car. "this is the place for you." i said. "it's beautiful out here." harry said. "yeah. I like coming here when i need to be alone. No one comes here that often." i said. I grabbed harrys arm and we both sat down on the dock by the lake. "i love it here. Its beautiful." i said as i stared at the crystal clear water. "y/n, do you ever plan on getting back with your ex?" harry asked. "no. I dont think so. I realized that he wasn't the right guy for me." i said. "well them what type of guy is right for you?" harry asked. "someone who's sweet, caring, non-selfish, and someone who would treat me right......kinda like you." i said. Harry smiled.
"well then, im the guy for you." he said as he leaned in and kissed me. I pulled away and our foreheads were still touching. "i guess you are." i said. We continues to kiss then finally we stopped and i rested my head on Harrys shoulder as he intertwined his fingers with mine and held my hand. We watched the sunset and this moment was perfect.
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