All The Same Mistakes

Y/N breaks up with her ex, George and meets Harry Styles. Both Harry and Y/N spend alot of time together and end up dating and both make the same mistakes as each other. But will it go too far? Will they stay together or end up as friends?


1. He's Gone And He Could Be The One

"I HATE YOU! LEAVE ME ALONE!" i yelled as i ran out the door. "wait y/n! Im sorry! Wait!" George said as he chased after me. George grabbed my wrist and turned me around. "please, im sorry." george said. He hugged me but i pushed him away from me. "NO! You cheated on me. I've only been gone for a week and when i come back i find you kissing another girl!?!?" i said. "im sorry. She kissed me. Y/n please. Im sorry." george said as he pecked my lips. I pulled away and slapped him across the face. "no, we're done." i said. I walked out of his apartment and ran out the building. George is my boyfriend....well now my ex. But, we've been together for a year but i've caught him cheating on me many times and today was the last time i was gonna put up with it. I live in an apartment in London. I've lived on my own ever since i finished college. I wanted some freedom so i decided to live on my own. I started walking to my apartment but as i was looking at the ground with tears running down my face i bumped into someone. "im sorry love. Are you alright?" the guy asked. I looked up and he was pretty cute. "yeah im fine." i said. "are you crying?" he asked i turned away and tried to hide my face. "dont be shy love. You can tell me if your crying." he said. "uhm. Yeah. Im sorry but i have to go." i said as i tried to walk around him, but he stopped me. "wait. Before you go. Im Harry. Harry Styles." he said as he held out his hand. "y/n......." i said as i shook his hand. " sorry but i really have to go." i said as i finally walked away. I headed back to my apartment and called my best friend, Sarah. "Sarah." i said as i started to cry some more. "y/n? Are you crying? Whats wrong?" she asked. "i caught George cheating on me again." i said. "y/n, i told you George isn't the right guy for you. He's cheated on you so many times. It's time for you to break up with him." Sarah said. "i did. I'm done with him." i said. "well thank god! We should celebrate. Let's go to a club tonight." "i don't know......" "COME ON!" Sarah said. "fine." "cool. Okay i'll meet you outside at 8:00" "ok, i'll see you later." i said. It was already 6:00 pm so i decided to get ready. I took a shower then i put on a black dress and black heels. By 7:30 i started doing my makeup and met Sarah outside at 8. "ready to go?" Sarah asked from inside her car. "yeah." i sat in the passenger seat and Sarah drove to the club. "okay y/n. tonight is your night. Go and find your perfect guy." Sarah said. I smiled at Sarah and walked into the club. I sat at the bar drinking some shots. Sarah was dancing with some random guy and she was going crazy. I laughed a bit and put my head down on the table. "are you okay love?" someone asked. I looked up and it was that guy Harry. "y/n?" "oh hi....harry?" i said. "yeah. Why are you, a beautiful girl, sitting alone?" he asked. I blushed and smiled. "i don't know. Im trying to look for my "perfect" guy but, i cant find him." i said. "oh, so you dont have a boyfriend?" "no. I broke up with him today. He was cheating on me" i said. "oh. Im sorry." he said. "its alright. He wasn't the right guy for me anyways." i said. Harry smiled at me. We soent a whole hour talking about each other and Harry was a really sweet guy. He was really funny too. "are you busy tomorrow?" he asked. "uhm. No?" i said curiously. "how about we hang out tomorrow? Just you and me." he asked. "sure sounds good." i said. "great. Let's meet at the park around the corner at 5pm." harry said. Harry handed me a piece if paper and kissed me on the cheek and left the club. 
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