1D Imagens<3

Sorry if they suck, im new at this and this is my first story or imagins so yeah. Well their bassically imagins about One Direction which is every girls dream


1. Dinner with Louis

I think to myself about how amazing this day is, I have a boyfriend named Louis Tomlinson. He's in this band named One Direction so I cant see him all the time whic sucks. While Im sitting on my couch watching tv I get a text from Louis: (From: Lou<3: Hey love, get dressed in something elegant for me please. Xxx) I wonder why it's not like I'm going somewhere tonight to dress up classy (To: Lou<3: Hey babe, why do you want me to dress classy?) 5 minutes later he replys (From: Lou<3: Can't tell you or I'll ruin the surprise (; ) well that's odd but whatever. I start to get ready at 5:30 pm and I'm wearing a silver tight knee length dress that's strapless with my golden brown hair in soft curls with black and silver smokey eye shadow and a little bit of lip gloss. By the time I finished it was already 6:50 and I heard the door knock. I went downstairs to open while putting on my black pumps at the same time and making my way to the door, when I open it I see Louis with a bouquet of red roses and wearing a black blazer with a purple striped shirt and jeans with converse. "Oh my god babe!" I said in shock. I was just so happy to see him, I had no clue why he wanted me to dress up but now I know why.

*Louis P.O.V*
I wanted to surprise the love of my life on a date because I haven't seen her in a month. After I texted her I got dressed in my most fanciest blazer and on my way to her house I went and bought her soma bouquet of roses because she deserves it. I knocked on her door with the most biggest smile plastered on my face with joy. When I saw her it felt like everything stopped and it was just me and her. God she looked stunning! "Oh my god" was all she said, I guess she was as happy to see me as I was to her. "Wow your beautiful" was all I could spit out. I saw her blush at my comment which made me blush also. "Oh right I bought you these" I said handing her the roses. She was speechless at the moment so I grabbed her wait gently and pulled her close to me and look into her light brown eyes that sparkled in the moonlight. We centimeters away from each other and I leaned in placing my lips perfectly onto hers.

*My P.O.V*
He pulled me into him centimeters away from his face and leaned in having his lips perfectly fit onto mine. It felt like the first time we kissed, shivers going down my body as his soft lips leave mine cold, I never wanted it to end. "You ready to go love?" he asked me "Yeah" I said while smiling. He placed his right hand on my lower back and walked me to his car. As he opened the door I got in and kissed him on the cheek. "So where are we going that we both had to dress up nice?" I said looking exited. "Well we are going to a fancy restaurant because I love you." when he said that I blushed really hard so I looked at the ground and smiled.

*Louis P.O.V*
I saw her looking at the ground and smiling. God I missed that smile from that beautiful face of hers. "Where here" I said. I went to we side and open the door for her while helpin he out of the car. Her soft touch sent butterflies in my body. We go a table and I couldn't stop looking at her "What?" she said looking confused. "Nothing I missed you a lot while I was gone but I'm just glad in here with you right now" she smiled and with that the waitress can and took our drinks and a few minutes later brought us our food. 20 minutes later we finished eating and left, after I took her to a near by park, I've been thinking and thinking long and hard if I wanted to take the next step in our relationship and I do, tonight is the night where imma propose to the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

*My P.O.V*
Lou took us to a park after dinner and I saw that he was thinking about something. "Babe, you alright?" I asked concerned. "Yeah why wouldn't I be" "Okay just checking because it looked like something was bothering you". He didn't respond so I left it alone, later he stopped by on a bridge ontop of a lake and faced me "There is something I've wanted to do for a long time" he said. By this point I was scared because I didn't know what was going to happen.

*Louis P.O.V*
This is it, this is the moment I've been waiting for. I got down on one knee and took Nicole's hand. "We have been dating for 2 years and those years have been the best years of my life and I want more to come so Nicole Melissa Johnson will you marry me?" I took out the ring from trousers and showed it to her.

*My P.O.V*
"Will you marry me?" he just said it, he just said those words I've been dying to hear for so long! " Louis William Tomlinson I WILL marry you!" by this time I'm in tears, not because I'm sad, because I'm happy! Get to spend the rest of my life with my one and only true love. I kissed him passionately with my hands in his hair while he's spinning me around me while holding my waist. This will be the best day of my existence until the wedding!

*Louis P.O.V*
She said it! She said yes! She kisses me passionately while I'm spinning her around while I'm holding her waist and she's grabbing my hair. This day couldn't get any better, I'm with my fiancé in the moon light on a bridge near a lake. God I love her so much and she loves me too.
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