The Time I met One Direction

This story is about a girl named Jessica who meets the love of her life but she meets another guy that she loves to death. So who will she choose?


5. The Worst Day Of My Life

So once they came home, Harry went to go have a shower and he had a text so since he always checks mine I decided to check his. It was from some chick called "My Girlfriend Dani<3" I screamed and all of a sudden the other boys came and asked me what's was wrong. I said" It's just that fact that I don't date cheaters that date my sister. " Then I put his phone down and ran to my room. I was so upset so then I went to Dani and asked " Really Dani I thought that you were my sister and my friend but I guess your not!" I ran to my room and locked the door Christina and the other girls came except Dani. Christina asked what's is wrong Jessica. I said " Harry cheated on me with Dani and he said that I was the only one he liked and loved but I guess not. " Then they all hugged me and I stopped crying and went into the kitchen. Instead of making me a sandwich I found Harry just staring at the window, looking sad. I didn't care the way he hurt me was wrong. So after I made a sandwich I ran upstairs and packed my suitcase with all my stuff and then went down stairs and went out the door the boys were chasing after me but I just kept walking and walking and walking. My mind was empty I had nothing to do with my life anymore. Until Liam cot up to me an grabbed my arm and pulled closer to him but I wiggled my arm out of his hand and kept walking. I didn't care where I end up. Or if I walk to New Brunswick. I didn't care. My mind was only focus on how Harry cheated on me with my own sister. Then I called home and asked to speak to Christina. So she came on the phone I told her that I fell and sprained my ankle do I need someone to come get me. She said "Ok I will be there soon. I walked all the way to the airport until I fell. So I saw Christina driving her car and I thought in my head yes I love her!! So she helped me in the car and drove me home and since Harry didn't have a room me and him were sharing because we were dating but know since we are not I shared with Christina she didn't mind and that's what sisters are for. So that night I went into my room and got my pjs and then Harry said if you don't mind get out. I asked him why is he do mean I tried to run but I broke my ankle. He was so sorry that I broke my ankle so he carried me to the couch and examined it and she said I would need crouches and luckily I had some because I broke my ankle before so I wasn't sure if we were back together but I think so. So Harry spoke to Dani and she was alright. He broke up wit her so he could be with me. Then Dani told Harry that she was dating someone else. So after we all went to the movies. ( My Treat) and watch Don't Look Under The Bed.  So then me and Harry snuggled up together and watched the movies but I wasn't scared so I chose seats up close because I thought it would be cool. 
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