The Time I met One Direction

This story is about a girl named Jessica who meets the love of her life but she meets another guy that she loves to death. So who will she choose?


4. The Night

So after mine and Harry's date we went to my house and just as we were going to walk in it started raining. So then me and Harry kissed under the stars and in the rain. It was so romantic than all of a sudden we looked at each other and than smiled he put his arm around me and we walked inside the house. So that night I went to go check on the other guys and they were sleeping. So then me and Harry slept on the coach but he slept on one and I slept on the other. Me and Harry forgot the night so we never spoke about it. So the next morning my friend Sarenda came to  house. We went  to the mall and my mom gave me 16,000$. So we each got 8,000$ each.  We bought fifty pairs of shoes. (A.K.A High Heels) Then we went to Sirens, Claire's, Katie, Siblings, Garage, GAP, Monique,  Walmart and H&M.  We had so much fun and then Harry and the boys came to pick us up and Harry said " All done love ? Yes."Okay come on let's get in the car and go home. Oh and we have to drop her off at 25 Lame Rd. Okay." So after we dropped off Sarenda , we went to my house and watched a scary movie that I didn't like  Harry saw that I was scared so he pulled me closer and put his arm around me. I felt so safe, and even when the really scary parts came on Harry would hug me. So half way in the movie I snuggled up on Harry's chest and fell asleep. BIG MISTAKE! The boys out me out side in the pouring rain and left me there and I got sick! ( One thing about me is that I hate getting sick!) So Harry saw me outside and brought me a towel and carried me to the bed and I fell asleep and then he put his big plaid button-up shirt on me and took off my wet clothes. I woke up lying in Harry's chest.  He was fast asleep so I just went back to sleep. When I woke up I was alone but Harry left a note that said " We are gone to the mall didn't want to wake you so see you at 12:30 pm and I woke up at 12:29 pm. So they were coming home soon.
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