The Time I met One Direction

This story is about a girl named Jessica who meets the love of her life but she meets another guy that she loves to death. So who will she choose?


3. The Big Day

Well today One Direction is coming to my house! I am so excited so I put all my One Direction stuff away so its not like I am a crazy obsessed fan. (knock knock knock) I opened the door and One Direction was there. I said " Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm one of your biggest fans! Then they looked at each other and than looked at me. Harry Styles came to me and asked " Hey umm  do you have a date tonight and all the other guys groaned " uh". I said " No why." Than he said " Because I am gonna ask you on one tonight. If that's all right?" I said " Sure. It would be nice!" I went to the bathroom and I was so excited! So I  showed them my house and they loved it. So I showed them where they are going to sleep and they were so amazed that one of them almost fainted! So that night me and Harry went on the date. We went to Swiss Chalet and Harry order me a lot of food. I was like " I can't eat all this." Then he said " I like girls who can eat a lot of food. " I said " Ok well you found the right girl" I ate two half chickens, three bake potatoes, two plates of mashed potatoes, four plates of ceascor salad, twenty chicken strips, and thirty fries. I was so full. So after me an Harry went to a wall screen movie and it was so fun. We went to see The Getaway and Spring Breakers. It was so awesome! 
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