The Time I met One Direction

This story is about a girl named Jessica who meets the love of her life but she meets another guy that she loves to death. So who will she choose?


2. Pool Fun

So one day there was a contest and the prize was the band One Direction   come to your house and come with you to school. So I entered the contest and I won! I was so excited that even I dropped my phone into my big, large pool and it cost 3,000 dollars and my mom would kill me if she found out! So then I picked it up and went to the phone store and they said I could get the exact same phone as the one that I dropped into the pool for 20 dollars. See my family's rich so we have like all the money in the world. So I said 30 and he said " Ok" . So then I got my new phone and it was the same phone with all my pictures and all my games were there. iPhone's are hard to fix but at least I got it fixed for 30 dollars. So the radio contest said that One Direction will be coming on July 27 2012. So they will be coming tomorrow! I am so excited but the radio contest said that One Direction has a surprise for me! They didn't say what the surprise was.   
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