The Time I met One Direction

This story is about a girl named Jessica who meets the love of her life but she meets another guy that she loves to death. So who will she choose?


8. He Is A Jerk

So then we went back to the bar to party not get drunk. I left Harry to go to the washroom and then went u came out Harry was kissing  another girl!  I was do upset I ran out of tere and Harry tired to follow me but I just ran and called Christina to come and get me.  So then after Christina came she asked what's wrong. I said Harry kissed another girl that's what. She looked so shocked. So the next day I packed my bags and was headed out to the hotel to stay for five months because that's how long they will be at my house. Harry chased me and chased me until he came and cot me I yelled because I cut my wrist. He put up my sleeve and saw the cuts. " Jessica how could you do this?! Well why would you care you are kissing some other girl so just forget about me! How could I ever forget about you, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. So you hurt me really badly and I will never for forgive you! " the I just dropped my suitcase and just ran to the nearest park and  sat behind two trees so no one can see me. I was just heartbroken. My mind was empty I had no more use in my life. I am a 17 year old girl and had my heart broken twice ,Once by Liam Payne and the other Harry (cheater) Styles. Do I like have a sign on my head saying "CHEAT ON ME!" Or something  because I  don't get it. I liked so many guys but mostly Harry. I could come to him when I had a problem. He would get it because he is 17 and a half .... So yeah. He is a jerk and I will never forgive him. 


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