the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


21. YOU

Days passed and Aly couldn’t believe that she was leaving tomorrow morning.

“Wake up” Harry screamed as he burst through her room jumping on her and attacking her with kisses.

“Harry! Stop” she said as she laughed. He stopped and stared at her with a smile and she smiled back at him

“Good morning!” he said cheekily

“How did you get in here” she asked curiously with a smile

“I let him in” Aunt Carol said in the doorway “I figured it was your last day and you shouldn’t sleep through it”

Aly knew it was her last day, in fact she kept telling herself, she figured if she kept telling herself it wouldn’t hurt as much when she left, but hearing Aunt Carol say it made Alys stomach drop. Aunt Carol walked into the next room and Aly put her face in her pillow, as Harry still lay across her back.

“What’s the matter?” Harry asked seriously

“I don’t want to leave tomorrow” aly said with her head still in the pillow trying to hold her tears

Harry put his head next to hers “I don’t want to leave tomorrow either” he said and gave her a gentle kiss on the side of her head.

Aly lifted her head up and looked at him “how is it that a summer that I thought was gonna be the worst summer of my life, turn out to be the best summer” she said as tears rolled down her face

“Yeah and you have the tattoo to prove it” Harry said with sadness, but trying to cheer her up. Aly chuckled through her tears and He lifted his hand and wiped her tears away with his thumb.

“I guess the best things do come unexpectedly don’t they” he said holding his hand against his her cheek.

“Yeah I guess they do” she said putting his hand

“Let’s just lay here for a little bit” Harry said smiling as he slowly lay down

“Okay” she smiled and laid her head on his chest and he held her hand. They held their intertwined hands up, let go and placed their hands against each other’s.

“Your hands are so big” she said almost whispering with a smile

“Maybe my hands are big, maybe yours are just small” he said with a chuckle

Aly laughed “no, I think you just have big hands” as she continued to laugh

“I’m gonna miss that laugh” Harry said sadly

Aly lifted her head off his chest and laid it next to Harrys, facing him. “And I’m gonna miss that cheeky grin of yours” she said as she lightly touched his cheeks, she felt the lump in her throat starting to build.

“I’m going to miss your grumpiness in the morning” Harry said as a tear fell

“I’m going to miss you helping you climb through my window every morning” She said and they both laughed as tear rolled down their faces.

“I wanna show you something “harry said almost whispering as he sniffled

“Okay” Aly whispered back as she kissed his lightly on his nose and harry lifted his head and lightly kissed her on the forehead

“I love you” she whispered as he leaned his head against hers

“I love you too” he whispered and they laid there and fell asleep

“Oh heavens! I had him wake you up early so you could enjoy your last day, not so you could fall back to sleep” Aunt Carol said with a laugh


Aly opened her eyes and looked at Harry who was smiling back at her.

“I guess that’s my queue to go get ready” she smiled as she got up and stretched

Aly showered and put on a baby blue over- sized sweater and shorts and walked into her room and found Harry still lying on her bed.

“Come on sleepy, what did you want to show me?” She smiled

Harry got up and walked over; kissing her forehead again “it’s a surprise” he smiled

“As always” she smiled

They walked out of the house and walked towards the boardwalk, the cool summer breeze whipping through their hair. They walked on the boardwalk hand in hand and walked off the boardwalk onto the beach

“Look familiar” Harry asked with a grin as he turned and looked at her

“Yeah it’s where we let those balloons go in the water” she said smiling

“Yup, it’s where we had our first date” he smiled as they walked and sat on the rocks they had sat on before

Aly looked out at the ocean as the sun was slowly setting

Remember what we did with the balloons” Harry asked now serious

“Yeah we let them go” she said turning to look at him

“And remember what we put in them before we let them go” he asked with his hands in his pockets

“Yeah, wishes” she said asking wondering where this was going

‘Yeah” Harry said pulling a crumbled piece of paper from his pocket. “This is what I wrote on mine, I wrote this one both of the papers because I wanted a copy to always remember this” he uncrumbled the paper and showed her the word “YOU” was on it.  

“I wished for you from the moment I saw you chasing after Jake on the beach that day and you told me you were a fan and you weren’t going to scream in my face, I knew you were the girl for me, I never wanted anyone else, I still don’t”

Aly started to tear up “harry” she said her voice shaking

“Where ever I’m going, whatever I’m doing just know I’ll always love you” Harry said as he looked deeply into her eyes. “I pinky promise” he said as she leaned in to kiss, smiling as they kissed each other.

“I love you too” she said and kissed him again as the sun went down.

“Want to look at the stars with me?” he whispered as he put his head against hers

Aly smiled and shook her head yes and they both lie in the sand and put their hoods on so that they wouldn’t get sand in their hair. Aly laid her head on his shoulder and her arms around him as he put his arms around her and they just stared up at the stars, wrapped up in each other.

“Ding ding” Alys phone went off

“You can stay out til 10 because it’s your last night, but please be on time because you still need to pack. Have fun!......but not TO much fun, I was a teenager once too ya know” her dad texted

Aly laughed at her dad,

“What” harry asked with a smile

“I’m allowed to stay out til ten, even though that’s only 2 more hours, but he wants me to have fun, but not too much’ she said with a laugh as she put her phone back in her pocket. And she laid her head back on his shoulder.

“We should take pictures on our last night” Harry said

Aly lifted up and took her phone back out again and he took out his, Harry moved and sat behind Aly and wrapped his arm around her and held up his phone with the other

“Ready?” he asked and smiled as the bright flash of the phone went off

“Ahh” Aly laughed “that’s really bright” she laughed

“Blinded by the light!’ Harry sang and they laughed

“okay my turn” she smiled and moved next to harry and smiled, the next picture she stayed sitting next to him, but they made a funny face,.

“Okay smile” she said and held the phone up but quick kissed his cheek as she took the picture.

She laughed and looked at the picture “that’s my favorite”

They sat there laughing, taking a bunch of pictures so that they could remember this night.

“We should head back” Harry said sadly

Aly felt the lump in her throat but held her tears back , this would be the last night that harry walked her home she thought as they got up and walked back up on the board walk.

“Piggy back ride” Harry said as he smiled cheekily

“Of course” Aly smiled and jumped on his back as they laughed all the way back. Harry ran down the ramp onto the street, as they continued to laugh, and Aly kissed his cheek. They walked to the front gate and He gently put her down.

“This is the last night I get to walk you home” Harry said sadly

“I know” she said as she started to cry and leaned in to hug him

“don’t be sad, this isn’t goodbye, ill be here tomorrow morning, me and the guys, since we all leave tomorrow” he said pulling away wiping the tears off her face

“okay” she tried to smile and kissed him. She turned and headed to the door, and looked back at Harry who waved and smiled as she headed into the house. She walked in, tears streaming down her face and walked past her dad, Aunt and uncle who were sitting in the living room.

“How was your day” her dad asked

“I don’t want to talk about it right now” she said as she shut her bed room door.

She grabbed and outfit out for tomorrow and pulled out her suitcases that she put in the closet 3 months ago, she couldn’t believe how fast it went. She began opening her dresser drawers and started putting clothes into her suitcase, tears streaming down her face the whole time.

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