the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


19. You are one in a million And I love you so

“pst, Aly, get up honey” Aunt Carol nudge her. Aly woke up to and looked towards the window, it was barely light out yet. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her Aunt.

“What’s wrong” Aly asked in her groggy morning voice.

“You have to get up sweetie; your sweet little boyfriend has a surprise for you today”

“What” Aly said confused

“Yeah he came here early, of course you know I was up as always doing the dishes and all anyway he knocked on the door and asked me to wake you up at 6”

“Did he say why” Aly said sitting up in her bed, rubbing her eyes.

“No he just told me to tell you to get ready and to wear a bathing suit today” she smiled

“Okay” she said as she yawned

Aly got out of bed and stretched and headed to the shower in hopes it would wake her up a little, but that didn’t work she was still tired as ever.

“Hurry up and get ready I’m making you some chocolate chip pancakes before you go” Aunt Carol said from the kitchen.

Aly put on her white strapless bikini top and light pink bottoms and put a pair of ripped white shorts with a loose pink tank top over it. She walked into the kitchen and sat at the table and put her head down.

“How can you possibly sleep, aren’t you excited to see what he planned?” Aunt Carol said excitedly putting a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front of her.

“Yes I’m excited, I am not a morning person” Aly said with a chuckle. She slowly ate her pancakes trying to stay awake. She finished her pancakes and laid her head back down on the table as aunt carol took her dirty plate away.

“Did he say when he was coming” Aly asked just as there was a knock at the door.

“Come in” Aunt carol yelled sweetly

“Good morning” Harry said happily just as he down every morning

Aly lifted her hand and waved, her head still down on the table.

“She’s a little grumpy this morning” Aunt Carol said drying the dishes

“Oh really” Harry said and stood behind Aly “are you grumpy, love” he said and began to tickle her. Aly started to laugh

“No, no stop, I’m not grumpy” she laughed

“Are you sure” he asked as he tickled her and kissed her head multiple times.

“Yes I’m sure” she laughed and harry stopped

“Perfect” harry said as he hugged her from behind as Aly smiled

“Aww you guys are the cutest” Aunt Carol said putting the dishes away

“We should probably go before the guys start to get anxious” harry said in her ear

“Okay” she smiled getting up from the table

“Bye Aunt Carol” Aly said as she walked out the door

“Thank you for your help’ Harry said as he shut the door behind him

They got in the car and Aly turned to Harry “you’re not going to tell me what we’re doing today are you?”

He smiled “do I ever tell you before we ever get there”

“No” she chuckled

“Then I’m not now either” he said as he drove away

“Of course not” she smiled

“Come on, we’re here” Harry said waking her up, she hadn’t noticed she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes and Harry was smiling at her. “How long was I asleep for” she smiled

“Only about ten minutes” he said opening the door and took her hand.

“Do you know where we are at least” Harry asked with a smile

She looked around and saw a bunch of boats “we’re at the docks” she smiled

“Yup” he said as he led her down the dock where the guys were waiting for them

“Well hello sunshine” Louis said as they walked up to them

“Can we leave now” Niall asked

“But we just got here” Aly said confused

“No I meant can we leave to go on that” Niall said and pointed to a huge boat, a yaut pretty much

“Surprise” harry said with a big grin

“No way! We’re going on that?” Aly asked excitedly

“Yup” Liam said happily

“We have to go on a small boat to get to the big boat though” Louis said with a smile

They all climbed into a small motor boat and went to the boat, Harry holding Aly tightly the whole way. They reached the boat and it was even bigger up close, it was massive. Harry climbed out first and held his hand out to help Aly out, followed by the rest of the guys.

“This is huge” Aly said in amazement

“That’s what she said” Louis said and they all laughed

They all went to the front of the boat where there were huge couches and they all laid on them and talked for hours, laughing.

“I’m hungry, let’s go make something” Niall said

“Yeah I’m with ya on that” Zayn said getting up followed by Liam and Louis.

Aly laid on her stomach and looked at harry who was laying down, the sun shining on his face. Aly could barely see him, the sun was shining so brightly in her face, she put her hand up to try and see him.

“This is really awesome” she said with a smile

“Is the sun bothering you? I have an extra pair of sunglasses” harry said as he reached for a backpack and pulled out a pair of black ray bans and handed them to her.

Aly put them on and looked at Harry “I look so cool in these don’t I” she joked and made a funny face

Harry laughed “the coolest” He joked

“ I think I am going to attempt to tan” Aly said taking her shorts, her tattoo showing “Attempt being the strong word” she laughed and started taking her tank top off

“well since your stripping my mine as well too’ harry joked as he took his shirt off and threw it at her and leaned over her and kissed her.

“Whoa we leave you guys for 20 minutes and this is what you do” Louis said walking over, the rest of the guys following him.

“Me, Niall, and Liam are going to jump off the boat and stuff wants, to join us” Louis smiled

“Maybe in a little bit, I’m going to attempt to tan” Aly smiled

“Yeah good luck with that” Zayn joked

“Want to come harry” Louis asked

“Maybe in a little bit” he smirked

“Well I’m going to sit over here and watch them” Zayn smirked “I don’t want to get all up in your guys business” he joked

Louis climbed on top of the railing and looked over at Aly “you ready? I’m going to do a flip”

“Don’t you’re gonna get hurt” Aly said

Louis ignored her and did a back flip into the water and cheered in accomplishment

Niall climbed onto the railing and jumped in followed by Liam.

“Shall I add music” Aly asked grabbing her phone

“Sure” Harry smirked

Aly hit shuffle and put her phone down “say something” by Austin Mahone started coming through the speakers

“Really” harry looked over at her with a smirk

“What? Its super catchy” she smiled as she lay on her back.

“I see you walk by, Extra fly” harry started belting out and Aly cracked up laughing

“Baby where you goin?” Aly sang as she danced still laying down as they sang together.

SAY SOMETHING!”  They belted out as they laughed

“If you're feelin' the vibe” Zayn belted out making them laugh even Harder

“Say something!” They all sang together

Aly got up and started to dance as she continued to sing, Harry got up to join her. Harry climbed up on the railing and jumped in still singing. He came up smiling

“He looks like baby Tarzan doesn’t he, Aly” Liam said laughing

“He does! Aww” Aly said laughing. She climbed up on the railing and jumped in. She came up and Harry was right next to her

“Look at you baby Tarzan” she smiled touching his hair

He smiled and leaned in to kiss her

“I don’t think Baby Tarzan would do that” Niall said sitting on the edge of the boat, making everyone laugh. They all climbed back onto the boat and took turns jumping in the water for hours.

“We’re going to be heading back in a few minutes, there’s a storm coming in” The captain said

“Okay” they said and climbed back on the boat and went back to the docks.

The boys climbed in the car “see you back at the house” Louis said as he climbed in

“Okay” Harry said as he and Aly climbed in the car. It started getting dark from the clouds hovering over them. They drove onto the main street and headed back to Harrys.

“I hope we’ll make it before the storm, I didn’t bring the tarp” Harry chuckled and they began to feel rain drops.

“I guess not” harry laughed as it started pouring. They laughed as it poured, soaking them.

Flowers in the window began playing through the radio; Aly turned it up as the rain continued to pour down on them. Aly put her head back, touching her soaked hair and smiled. Harry smiled and moved his soaked hair out of his face.

They pulled up to the house just as the song ended and jumped out of the car and ran up into the house, laughing. They shut the door and laughed at each other for being soaked.

“I’ll get you a change of clothes” Harry chuckled and went to his room and Aly sat down on the counter, taking her phone out of her pocket so it wouldn’t get completely soaked. Harry came back changed with an extra pair of sweat pants and t-shirt for her, his hair still soaked.

“Here get changed so you don’t get sick” He smirked as he handed her the clothes

Aly took them and headed for the bathroom “whatever you say baby Tarzan” they both chuckled and she headed for the bathroom. She walked out into the living wearing Harry’s sweatpants and t-shirt, which were a size too big for her

“You think these fit” she joked

“Your copying my baggy pant look aren’t you” Harry said lying on the couch

“Oh yes, was it that obvious” she joked as she snuggled up next to him. He put his arm around her and kissed her head as they laid there together as they listened to the rain hitting the window.

“Harry, Aly get up” Louis yelled “its 10 o’clock

Aly opened her eyes, her arm still wrapped around Harry “What?!” She quick jumped up and ran to her phone that was still on the counter. She had 10 missed called and a ton of texts from her dad

“Oh my gosh my dad’s gonna kill me” She said panicked

Harry laid on the couch and started laughing

“Why are you laughing” Aly said as she starting smiling

“Because you’re cute when you panicked” Harry smiled

“Come on Tarzan can you take me home” she smiled, no longer panicked

Harry got up and grabbed his keys and Aly hopped on his back

“Bye Louis” Aly said as Harry carried her on his back to the car, spinning around making her laugh, and even though she knew she was going to get in trouble when she got home, she didn’t care, she was having one of the best nights her life, and whatever her punishment was, this night was worth it.

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