the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


10. Waking up to a dream

“Was last night a dream?” Aly thought as she woke up. She would have believed it was a dream if she wasn’t still wearing Harry’s sweater. How could yesterday have started out so boring and end with the night of her life? She thought with a smile as she stretched to get out the bed.  She turned her iPod on and walked down the hall to the bathroom to brush her teeth still smiling.

“Oh I didn’t know you were up” her dad said almost bumping into her on her way out of the bathroom

“Yeah I just woke up” she said still smiling.

“Wow this early and you’re happy? Did Christian text you or something” he asked

“Nope, just happy” she said

“Well that’s good” he said as she started walking back to her room “where did you get that sweater, never saw you wear that before” he continued

She stopped and turned to look at him “ohh I got it before we left, cute isn’t it?”

“Kind of big but yeah cute” he said “well I’m going to get going, have a good day”

“I’m sure I will” she said smiling

Aly walked into her bedroom and waited to hear her dad to shut the front door before putting her IPod on and on came backstreet boys last night you saved my life and headed into the kitchen to prepare her cereal as she twirled around the kitchen eating her breakfast.  After she finished eating she washed the dishes and walked back into her room just as Ed sheeran where we land began to play. She continued twirling around the room as Jake lay on the floor and watched her. Then the noise she suddenly loved hearing started almost as off cue, a rock being thrown at her window. She Stopped dancing and looked at the window smiling, taking in the moment. She walked over and opened the curtains and there he was, with his perfect curls and perfect smile. She opened the window and said

“Still deciding not to use the door huh?” with a smile as Ed Sheeran continued to play in the background

“Well I figure this is like my signature, whenever you hear a rock being thrown at your window you know it’s me” he said with a smirk

“I have to admit I like this better than the door” she said with a smile

“So what shall we do today” he asked still smiling

“Well I still have to shower and get ready” she said looking down at him

“Alright then I’m coming up” he said before he jumped up

Aly grabbed his arms and helped him through the window.

“Oh Ed Sheeran, I like him” he said as he fell onto the floor

Aly laughed ‘yeah me too” she said helping him up but Harry grabbed her arm and pulled Aly onto the floor with him and they laughed.

“Hi” he said smiling

“Hi” she said as he leaned down and kissed her softly

“I’ve been waiting to do that since last night” he said with a cheeky grin

Aly smiled as he lifted his hand to move a piece of hair from her face and Aly started laughing

“What” he asked with a chuckle

“Sorry I’m really ticklish” she said with a smile

“You really shouldn’t have said that” he said with a grin

“No Harry please” she said but it was too late

Harry started tickling Aly as she started laughing hysterically

“Please stop “she said still laughing

But harry kept tickling her and they both laugh.

“Okay I’m sorry” he said with a smile as he stopped

“I’m getting a shower” she said getting up

Harry tried grabbing her hand to try and get her to stay but he missed and she turned around and laughed

“You missed” she said and she walked over to her dresser to pick an outfit out. She decides on a pair of blue shorts and a white tank top with a peace sign on it.

“Jake, keep an eye on him he looks like trouble” she said with a smile

“You have no idea” he said with a cheeky grin

Aly got a quick shower and came out of the bathroom towel drying her hair and walked into her room. Harry was sleeping on the floor where she left him. He looked so cute. She walked quietly over to her nightstand, grabbed her phone and took a picture of him but Harry woke up to the sound of the camera and opened his eyes

“What did you just do” he said in a groggy voice smiling at her barely opening his eyes

“You look so cute just sleeping there” she smiled

He playfully grabbed her leg.

 “Lay with me for a minute” he said still in his groggy voice

“But I have to do my hair or you’ll be saying “Aly hurry up I want to go out” she said playfully mocking him

“No I won’t I promise, or better yet I pinky promise” he said smiling

“Okay” she said getting down on the floor

He put his arm around her and pulled her in close and she put her head on his chest just as the A team came on by Ed sheeran.

“This is one of my favorite songs” she said not looking up

“Mine too” he said and they laid there softly singing the song. Another perfect moment she thought.

After the song was over Aly went to get up to started getting ready.

“No” he said with a smile as he grabbed her arm

“Yes “she whispered with smile and she leaned down the kiss him.

“Fine, then I’m lying on your bed because the floor isn’t very comfy”

Harry got up and laid on her bed while she blow dried her hair in the mirror and she could see him moving around and he hung off the bed and put his head on the floor and hung upside down. Aly chuckled, and turned around to look at him

“What are you doing” she said with a laugh

“Didn’t you ever do this” he asked with a smile

“Yes but I haven’t since I was little”

“Come on” he said with a big grin

Aly walked over to her bed and hung her head off the side right next to Harry and she turned to look at him. He still had a big grin on his face and they both started laughing. A couple minutes later Harry laughed and said “I’m starting to get a headache”

“Me too” Aly said as she got up

“I didn’t mean to get up” Harry said as he got up and laid back on the bed “you are such a party pooper” he said jokingly

“I am not” she said with a chuckle

“Are too” he said with a smile as he reached for a pillow and threw it at her

Aly picked up the pillow and threw it back at him “are not”

“you are” he said and threw the pillow back at her except this time she picked up the pillow and walked over to hit him with it. Harry reached over and grabbed another pillow as Aly hit him playfully.

“Oh it’s on” harry said with a laugh.

Aly and harry laughed as they continued to hit each other with the pillows. When they suddenly heard the front door open.

“Hello Aly” Aunt Carol said as she closed the front door.

Aly quickly got up and shut her bed room door and shouted

“Be right out I’m getting dressed”

Aunt carol continued to talk but Aly wasn’t paying attention.

“You have to go out the window she cannot find you in my room” Aly whispered

“That would be interesting” harry asked with a chuckle

Aly smile “I’m serious” she whispered

Harry got up and quietly opened the window and climbed out the window feet first and jumped to the ground landing on his feet. Aly had to admit she was impressed.

“Did you see that” harry whispered “I’m like a cat”

Aly smiled and shut the window and walked over to open the door just as Aunt Carol was about to knock on her door

“Oh that’s a cute outfit” Aunt Carol said

“Oh thank you” Aly said nervously thinking her aunt might have heard harry. “Your home early” she continued

“Oh yeah it was such a slow day at work that the bosses closed early and let everyone leave” she said with a smile

“That’s nice” Aly said with a smile just as there was a knock at the door.

“Oh I’ll get it” Aunt Carol said walking to the door

Aly stood there relieved that her aunt didn’t hear anything.

“Hello ma’am I’m Harry” Aly heard from the living room

Aly walked out into the living room and saw harry standing in the doorway.

“Oh right, so you’re the one Aly has been spending so much time with, she didn’t tell me you were so handsome” Aunt Carol said

“Would you like to come in” Aunt Carol asked politely

“Oh no thank you I was just seeing if Aly was able to hang out today” he said with a smile as he looked over at he,

“Yeah sure” Aly said with a smile as she walked to the door

“Bye Aunt Carol” Aly said as she walked out the door

“Bye, have fun” Aunt Carol said as she closed the front door.

“Good one” Aly said with a smirk

“I try” harry said and pulled Aly close to kiss her on the head

“So what shall we do today” he asked as they walked through her front gate.

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