the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


15. vas happening

“Aly wake up” whispered a small voice as they poked her cheek.

Aly opened her eyes and Tristan was looking at her

“Good morning” he shouted with a big smile

“what are you doing’ Aly asked in her groggy voice

“Breakfast is ready” he said happily

“Emma’s in the kitchen waiting” he continued

“Give me a couple minutes okay bud” she said rubbing her eyes

“Okay” he said and ran out of the room.

She looked over and saw Christian and Abby still asleep on the floor. She picked up a pillow and threw it at the floor

“Get up losers it’s time for breakfast” she joked

“Shh” one of them said

“No up” she said as she lay across both of them

“Get her” Christian said popping open his eyes and started tickling her

“Ahh stop” Aly said laughing but he continued tickling her Aly quick rolled over and got up

“Ha! I escaped” Aly said smiling

Christian lunged up and aly darted down the hall.

“Morning” she said to Aunt Carol who was surprisingly home hovering about Tristan pouring syrup on his pancakes

“What are you doing here” aly asked

“Well I took off today, thought maybe I’d stay here if you and your friends wanted to go out with your friends, I’d watch the kids. This little bugger came in the living room while I sat on the couch this reading my paper this morning and said he was hungry” Aunt Carol said looking at Tristan

“What time is it anyway” Aly asked

“10, that’s why I’m surprised your up” Aunt Carol said with a laugh

“Well that same little bugger just woke me up” Aly said rubbing Tristan’s head

“But I missed you” Tristan said giving the puppy dog face

“No you didn’t you just wanted me up” aly said smiling

“I know” He said shoving a forkful of pancake into his mouth

“Can we go to the beach today” Emma asked

“Sure, hey pancake breath want to go to the beach today” Aly said looking at Tristan

“Yeah can Zayn come” he asked quickly

“I don’t know bud, we’ll see okay”

“Okay” he said with a little disappointment

Abby and Christian came strolling through the hallway and sat at the table.

“Why are we up this early” Christian said looking at Tristan

“I don’t know” he said with a little dance as he put more pancake into his mouth

Aly ate and got a shower and put her bathing suit on under a pair of denim shorts and a grey loose fitting tank top.

“Emma, Tristan I put your bathing suits out go get changed” Aly said as she walked into the kitchen

“Okay” they said and ran out of the kitchen Abby and Christian following behind them

“They’re funny” Aunt Carol said as she picked up their plates

“Sorry I didn’t mean to bring all these people back, I don’t want you to feel like you have to take care of them, they’re my responsibility” Aly said

“Are you kidding? I love it, it’s nice having a houseful of kids again, it’s just been me and Uncle John here for a while, I like having all these people around, I feel young again” she said happily

Aly smiled and waited for the Chris, Abby and the kids to come out. Tristan came running out to Aly and sat on her lap.

“I’m ready” he shouted happily

“Well you know what, I had an idea. I thought we could wait for Harry to get here so he could go to the beach with us” she said

“Yeah” he said excitedly “when will he be here” he asked

“I’m not sure” she said

“Well then how do you know he’ll be here” He asked curiously

“Well….its Harry, he’s here every day” she said with a smile

“Because you kiss him” he said and put his tongue out

Aly laughed.  “Maybe”

“So what do you want to do til then “he asked

“Want to play in the front yard, ill grab a ball and we can throw it for Jake” 


“Okay go get sandals on” she smiled 

He ran back down the hall passing Abby and Chris who were coming into the living room.

“What’s the agenda for today” Christian asked

“What am I your entertainment planner” aly asked jokingly

“Yup” Abby and Chris said together

“Well the kids want to do the beach, but I figured we’d wait for Harry since he comes here every day”

“And every night” Abby chimed in

Aly shook her head with a smile. “But until he gets here I told Tristan we can play in the front yard”

“Okay” they said

Tristan and Emma came running out of the room and to the front door

“Come on” the shouted excitedly

“Why do they have so much energy this early” Christian said following everyone out the door.

Emma and Tristan ran around the front yard, Jake chasing after them. Aly stood on the side of the house and grabbed them playfully as they ran around.

“You can’t get me” Tristan teased sticking his tongue out

Aly ran over and picked him up “ha ha I got you now you’re stuck” she said spinning him around.

“Wow someone’s up early”

Aly turned around to see Harry walking to the gate

“Yes I am because of this little monster” she said walking over to him, Tristan still in her arms.

Harry opened the gate and aly put Tristan down as she walked over and kissed Harry

“ewwww” Emma said

“Now it’s my turn to get you” Tristan shouted

Aly looked over to see Tristan holding the garden hose

“Tristan don’t you dare!” Aly shouted smiling

Harry grabbed Aly “do it Tristan I got her!” Harry shouted laughing

Tristan pulled the trigger and sprayed Aly with the hose and even got some water on Christian and Abby.

“Oh both of you are dead” Aly joked as she looked and Tristan and Harry.

Aly bolted toward Tristan and he dropped the hose and ran around the house. Aly picked up the hose and sprayed him as he ran then turned to Harry.

“Don’t “Harry said smiling

Aly gave him a smirk then pulled the trigger, soaking him with water

“Oh it’s on” Harry said and bolted to Aly picking her up with one arm and grabbing the hose with his other hand

“Yay now I got it” Emma shouted spraying Chris and Abby, soaking both of them, and Christian ran towards Emma how quickly ran away. Everyone stopped and looked at each other as they dripped with water and laughed. Tristan and Emma stood next to each other and shouted “look what we did to you guys” laughing. “Cause we’re bad to the bone” they said as they danced.

“That’s it” Harry said playfully and ran towards Tristan and picked him up holding him with one arm.

“We are leaving right now and I am telling Zayn on you” harry said with a smile

“Yay” Tristan said clapping

“we were going to go to the beach” Aly said “wanna come” she smiled walking over to him

“I’d go anywhere with you” Harry said cheekily and kissed her

“ew” Tristan said

“Well we can go to the beach at our house, the guys would probably want to come” Harry said

“Okay” she said

“We’ll have to take two cars though we won’t all fit in my car, is that cool” Harry said looking at Chris

“Yeah that’s fine” he said

“I want to go with you and Harry” Tristan said

“Okay let’s go get your car seat” aly said as they walked to the car

“You sure you’re okay me going with Harry. I can sing like I did on the way here and dance” Aly joked “hey! Boy you never had much game” Aly sang as she started to dance and Abby joined in. Christian picked Aly up and flung her over his shoulder with one arm and held the car seat in the other hand and carried her to Harry car as she laughed.

“This is yours, keep it” he joked as he walked away

“Oh you guys are such good friends” harry joked

Aly put the car seat in and picked Tristan up to put him in the jeep. Tristan sat down and put his hat on

“I have to wear my hat” he said as Aly and Harry got in the car

“Why is that” aly joked

“Cause Zayn wears hats” he laughed

“And why is Zayn your favorite” Harry asked wanting him to do his dance and Aly and Harry turned around to look

“Because he’s got swagger” he said as he danced and they all laughed

Harry pulled away, Christian following behind. Aly put the radio up and moves like Jagger came on.

“I like this song” Tristan shouted from the back and started dancing

“Okay” aly said with a smile and the wind whipped through her hair

“And it goes like this” Tristan shouted from the back seat as he danced. Harry and Aly joined him with singing.

“Harry, is mick Jagger really your dad” Tristan said from the back

“No why” he said with a laugh

“Cause I saw this video of a guy singing and he said mick jagger could be Harrys dad and then you were in the video and said what’s happening mom what’s happening mick. “

Aly and Harry burst out laughing

“No sorry buddy” harry said smirking

“Oh” Tristan said “so you don’t have swagger”

Aly burst out laughing.

Harry pulled into the the driveway and up to the house.

They all got out the car and aly helped Tristan out of the car.

“Did you have fun with it” Christian said rubbing Alys head

“No next time she goes with you” Harry joked as he opened the door.

“Guys we’re going to the beach” Harry shouted

“You couldn’t go get them” Aly joked

“Why would he get them when he can just shout” Chris joked

“Right, it’s simple and effective” Harry said

“What” Niall said as they all walked into the room

“Yo Tristan vas happening” Zayn said

Tristan ran over to him “are you coming to the beach with us” he asked happily

“If you’re going I’ll go” Zayn said with a smile

“Cool” Tristan said

The guys quick got changed and everyone went out on to the beach.  Zayn picked up Tristan and ran down to the water and Louis picked up Emma and ran down, the rest of the guys following them. Aly and Abby stood there watching the boys play and splash Tristan and Emma.

“Come on” Harry shouted from the water

“Abby and Aly get your butts in the water” Christian shouted

Aly and Abby shook their heads. Christian and Harry turned and looked at each other then ran up to the girls. Harry grabbed Aly and threw her over his shoulder, Chris doing the same to Abby.

“How many times is this gonna happen to me today” Aly said with a laugh

They walked into the water and Harry and Chris dropped the girls in the water. Harry walked behind aly and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek then picked her up and swung her around, while Niall splashed Abby, Liam and Louis chased Emma and Zayn and Chris splashed Tristan. They stayed in the water for a couple hours just running and splashing each other. They walked out of the water.

“Wait let’s all get a picture” Liam said, ran in to get his camera, and quickly ran back out

“Okay everyone get together”

Aly jumped onto Harrys back, and Tristan sat on Zany’s shoulders making a funny face, Louis picked up Emma, Abby stood next to Niall and Chris laughing.

“Okay, that’s a brilliant picture” he said as he looked

“It sucks I have to leave tomorrow” Christian said

“You’re leaving tomorrow” Liam asked

“Yeah I have to head back to LA” Chris said

“Then we have to get a picture” Aly said “Abby get in it, could you take the picture, Harry”

“Sure” he smiled and grabbed her phone

Aly hugged Christian from the side and Abby did the same

“Good” harry smiled

They all went inside and hung out. Tristan sat on the couch with Zayn and watched videos on the computer and they all sat around the table laughing for hours.  

“We should go soon” aly said wanting to spend some time with Chris and Abby for their last night.

“Hey little dude, I’ve got something for you before you leave” Zayn said to Tristan. Zayn went to his room and got one of his flip back hats and gave it to Tristan

“I can keep it” he said with excitement

“Yeah so now you’ve got swagger too” Zayn said with a smile

“Thanks” Tristan said as he hugged Zayn

“Bye guys it was nice meeting you” Christian said as he shook their hands before he walked out the door.

“You too, take care” the guys said kindly

“Bye guys” Abby said giving the guys a hug

“Bye Abby we’ll miss you” they said “especially Niall” Louis added

Harry walked out with them “what time will you be leaving tomorrow morning” he asked

“Probably early like 830- 9ish” Chris said as he put the car seat back in his car

“Okay I’ll be there” Harry said giving Aly a hug a kissed her forehead and opened the door for her.

“Night” he said as he shut the door and waved to them as they drove down the driveway.

Aly opened the front door and Tristan and Emma went running in

“Aunt Carol “Tristan shouted “look what I got” showing her the Hat Zayn gave him.

“Oh that’s nice” she said

Aly walked into her room with Abby, Chris and the kids. She put Emma and Tristan to bed and her, Chris and Abby talked well into the morning, she dreaded the next morning, knowing her best friends were leaving. The next morning they woke up to Christian’s alarm.

“Come on Tristan and Emma it’s time to get up” she gently woke the kids

They all slowly got up and got their stuff together. Aunt Carol said bye to the kids and they walked out with their luggage just as Harry pulled up to help them. Tristan started crying

“I don’t want to go” he said as the tears poured down his face.

“Don’t cry bud” aly said picking him up and he cried on her shoulder “I’m going to miss you though’ he cried

“I’ll see you before you know it bud okay” she said as she kissed him cheek. Aly put him in the car and hugged and kissed Emma goodbye. Aly walked back to the curb where Abby was standing and gave her a hug and the tears started streaming down their face. They looked at each other and laughed because they were both crying

“I’m gonna miss you Abby” aly said as she wiped her tears

“I’ll miss you too” she said “I’ll see you soon though, only like another month” she chuckled

“Yup” aly said with a chuckle

Abby got in the car and Aly turned to Christian.

“Saved the best for last” Christian joked

“I’m going to miss you so much” Aly said as fresh tears poured down her face.

“I’ll miss you too bud” he said as he hugged her “ill visit again, you know that, this isn’t goodbye its see you soon, remember” he said wiping her tears away

“I know” she said still crying

Christian gave her one last hug and kissed her on the head then turned to harry

“You take good care of her okay?” he said kindly

“You got it” harry said as Christian got into the car. Aly walked over to Harry and hugged him from the side as they watched Them Drive Away.

“So babe, what do you want to do today” Harry said when their car was no longer in sight

“You’re the man with plan, you tell me” she said with a smile

“I was hoping you’d say that” Harry said with a grin

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