the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


12. two lost souls

“Forever young I wanna be! Forever young!”  Aly rolled over and grabbed her phone and she saw Abby was calling her she quick popped her eyes

“Abby!” she said excitedly as she got out of bed

“Hey! I miss you! I loved the picture of you on the Ferris wheel yesterday! I can’t believe you did it! Did you go on by yourself?” She asked excitedly

“No I went on with a friend” aly said smiling”

“oh I see how it is you can go on with someone you haven’t known long but you can’t go on with your best friend” Abby joked “unless it was a hot guy then I totally forgive you”

Aly laughed.                   

 “Wait was it a hot guy” Abby asked excitedly

“Maybe” Aly teased

“Ughhhh tell me!!” Abby urged

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else” she heard from outside and a big grin grew on Alys face

“Who’s singing one direction” Abby asked

“Oh my friend” Aly said as she walked to her window and saw Harry standing there smiling as he sang

“The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed” Abby singing along on the other end of the phone

Aly burst out laughing

“I don’t know who your friend is but they sing one direction so they’re okay in my book” Abby said

“Hey Abby could you hold on a sec”

“Yeah sure”

Aly opened her window and picked the phone back up “okay I’m back I just had to open the window” Aly said putting Abby on speaker just as Harry jumped up

“Why because you’re letting your hot guy friend climb through your window” Abby joked as Aly grabbed Harry’s arms

“Wow she knows you well” Harry whispered as he struggled getting through the window

“No it’s hot in here” Aly said as she pulled Harry in

“It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes” Abby sang

“I’m cool with that” Harry said with a smirk

Aly playfully pushed him

“Who was that” Abby asked

‘my friend” aly said with a laugh

“Hi I’m Abby” Abby said

Harry gave her a look like what do I do

“Oh he just went to the bathroom; yeah he really had to go so he ran to the bathroom’

Harry looked at Aly and gave her a thumbs with a big smirk

“Abigail come on” Aly heard Abby’s mom say in the background

“Sorry I have to go, I’ll call you later” Abby said

“Bye Abby I miss you!” Aly shouted


“You lied” Harry joked “I can’t believe you lied”

“Shut up” aly joked

“wow you are cranky today and I even let you sleep til 1230” he said with a smirk

“Fine if you’re going to pick on me im going back to sleep” aly said as she laid back down and put the covers over her head

“No get up” Harry said as he walked over trying to get the covers off her

“Please” he said giving her a frown face as Aly looked up from the covers and laughed

 “Please, please, please” he said and then kissed her on the cheek

“Fine I’m up” she said as she took the covers off and got out of bed

“Wait what did I just do” he said laughing

Aly turned around and shook her head. She went over to her dresser and got her denim shorts and a nice blue, floral tank top.

“I’m getting a shower” she said as Jake jumped on the bed to lay with Harry.

Aly came out of the shower and walked Into her room.

“You take a while” harry said smiling

“Oh shush” she said “let’s go then”

“Well it is almost 2 o’clock “harry joked as he got up

Harry and Aly walked out of the house and into the front yard

“So what are we doing today that I’m going to make us so late for” she said with a smile

“I don’t know, let’s go to the beach” he said as he grabbed her hand and they began to walk

“My dad found your pants last night” Aly said starting to laugh

“That’s awkward” harry said with a chuckle “I’ve never met the man yet he’s seen my underwear”

And they both started laughing

“Yeah that is a little awkward” she said still laughing

They walked onto the sand and Aly walked took her flip flops off and walked down to the water Harry followed her

 “Look a seashell” he said as he bent down to pick it up “here you can have it” he said with a cheeky grin

“Thanks” Aly she smiled as she put the seashell in her pocket

“Because I’m not grumpy today” he said joking

“I am not grumpy” she said as she playfully splashed him

“See that’s mean” he smiled as he splashed her back and the splash fight lasted for about ten minutes until their clothes were completely soaked

“I think we both won that” he said smiling as they looked at how soaked the other was

She laughed “yeah I think so”

Aly and Harry walked back to their flip flops and stood there talking and joking letting their clothes dry in the summer sun. They waited on the beach to watch the sun go down, Harry hugged ally from behind and kissed her cheek as the watched the sun go down over the ocean.

“Excuse me do you have some extra change” a guy about their age said from behind them

Aly and Harry jumped

“Oh sorry did mean to scare you” he said

“Sorry I don’t have anything” aly said as she looked at the guy with his beat red eyes

“It’s cool” he said and walked away aly watched him stagger on the beach until she could no long see him in the darkness

“I wouldn’t give him any money he’d just spend it on drugs” Harry said

“That’s sad though” Aly said looking at the ground

“He chose his life though I feel bad for him too he’ll probably be a loser that when he’s in his 40’s too like he is now”

“How do you know” Aly said getting annoyed

“That’s how they are, they’ll never quit, and they just think of themselves, they don’t care about anyone else”

“Do you know from experience “she asked even more annoyed

Harry shook his head no

“Because if you did you’d know that’s not true. And you’re wrong they can change and get jobs.”

Harry looked at her confused.

“Wanna know how I know? Because that guy that just asked us for money…that was my best friend a couple years ago!” aly said and she could feel the tears coming “and he cares about his family he does now just as he did then and we care for him, that guy walking around probably has a family that’s looking for him just like I did. Chris would go out and be gone all day and I would get a call at 2am from his mom asking me help her find him and I got scared every time wondering what if something happened to him” Aly said as she started walking back as the tears streamed down her face.

“Aly wait” Harry said

“No you want to judge people like that go ahead judge Chris and people like that because when you judge people like that you judge him and when you judge him you judge me. This may come as a shock to you with your perfect little life but people outside of your world actually struggle” she said as tears streamed down her face even more.

Harry started walking after her

“Just leave me alone” she said as she turned around to walk home.

Aly walked home crying. She was thankful nobody was in the living room when she got home. She walked right in her room and locked the door and cried like she never cried before.

“Hey aly are you okay” he dad said as he knocked on the door

“I’m fine I just don’t want to talk right now”

Aly heard Harry throwing rocks at her window but couldn’t face him. She just sat on her bed, hugged a pillow and cried like she never cried before, not just because of what harry said but because of what she said to him. How could she have been so mean? And also because seeing that guy brought back all the nights she went out looking for Chris and how she worried everyday about him. Suddenly her phone rang and it was a number she didn’t know

“Hello” she answered all stuffy

“Hey bud” a deep voice said happily

“Christian” aly said happily

“Are you okay” he asked

“Yeah don’t worry about it, how are you? I miss you bud” she said smiling still stuffy, her face beat red

“I miss you too but guess what” he said excitedly

“I’m in Philly, I came home early” he said

“Oh my god!  I’m coming to see you! Let me tell my dad ill call u back” she said as she hung up and flung her door open

“Dad! Christian is home in Philly” she shouted with excitement

“What’s wrong” he said concerned with her still beat red face

“Don’t worry about it, can we go see him” she said excitedly “like now”

“Now? Its 8oclock at night” he said

“please, please please” she begged

“okay okay hurry and get your things” he said with a smirk

“Yay!” she screamed and ran back to her room and grabbed a suitcase grabbed the pile of clean laundry off the dryer and shoved it into a suitcase, grabbed her make up case and threw it in her bag and zipped it up.

“Okay I’m done” she said dragging her bag out into the living room

“That’s a record” her dad said smiling

“Bye Aunt Carol” she said as she hugged her aunt “don’t worry we’ll watch Jake til your dad comes back in the morning”

“Bye uncle john” she said with a hug

Aly and her dad walked out the front door and to the car. Aly opened up the back door and threw her suitcase in. They drove down the main road, the same road her and harry and driven down that day they sang in the car. Her heart sunk. Harry she thought. She wished there was some way she could say she was sorry for what she said. Tears rolled down her face as she looked out the window, Ed sheeran playing through her iPod

Harry drove back to Alys house and walked up to her front door. I have to get her to forgive me somehow, here it goes he thought and knocked on the door. Alys Aunt Carol opened the door

“hello, is Aly home” he said in a serious tone

“I’m sorry harry, she’s already gone” Aunt Carol said

“Gone where” Harry said with a pit in his stomach


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