the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


5. The beach


Aly woke up to the sun shining through the curtains and the sound of seagulls. She rolled over and checked her phone to see a text from Abby

“I miss you so much!! I know you are probably still sleeping but call me when you get up!”

She checked the time it was only 1030 so she decided to facetime Abby. The one good thing about being in a shore town with practically no people is the strong cellphone signal.

“Aly!!!” Abby screamed with excitement

Aly could see her best friend with her blonde curly hair on her phone screen and she smiled

“Abby I miss you!!” Aly screamed back

Then from the background came Abby’s younger sister Elizabeth and younger brother jack

“We miss you too Aly!” yelled jack

“Come home soon!” yelled Elizabeth

“Oh I wish I could guys! But when Chris comes to visit ill come see you guys!” Aly yelled. She really missed them, even if she had just seen them not so long ago; she missed them so much already.

“So how is it there?” Abby asked with a smile

“Well you know those movies with the abandoned shore town that usually turn up to be the scary movies and the visitors get murdered? Yeah it’s kinda like that” Aly said

“Wow! I’m jealous!” said Abby with a laugh “but is it really that bad?” questioned her friend

“I don’t know. I mean I like seeing my aunt and uncle their not that bad, it’s just I don’t know anyone here” said Aly disappointedly

“Oh you will! You’ll see!” suddenly Abby was interrupted “come on Abigail we have to go” said Abby’s mom

“Sorry I have to go, but text me!” said Abby with a frown

“Bye we miss you” shouted jack and Elizabeth from the background

Suddenly her friend was gone and her phone was back to the home screen to the picture of her, Chris and Abby before Chris left. What is there to do today? Aly went into the hall and looked around, no one was home. Great she thought.

“At least you didn’t leave me Jake” she said to her fluffy companion

Aly filled jakes food bowl then headed for the shower. After her shower she put on a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt and sat on her bed. While Jake sat on the floor and stared at her

“What should we do today Jake?” she asked as if he could answer

“Wanna go for a walk?” she asked again but this time he perked his ears up and started whining

Aly grabbed his leash, put it on him, and headed for the door. When she opened the door the ocean breeze smacked her in the face and she had to admit, she liked that. Aly headed for the beach. Aly cut through the abandoned parking lot across the street and walked to the beach, she was curious how Jake would react to the sand on his feet because he had never been to the beach. She walked over to the sand but Jake just stood there.

“Come on Jake!” Aly said with a smile

Jake slowly walked on the sand then started jumping around in excitement, just like he does in the snow. Aly laughed and so did the elderly couple walking by.

“Happy lil fella isn’t he?” said the old man with a laugh

“Yeah it’s his first time on the beach” Aly said with a laugh

“ahh I see, well have a good day. Have fun little fella” waved the old man

“Thanks you too” Aly replied

Aly walked over to the water to see how Jake would react. The water brushed over her feet and it sent a chill through her back, just as Jake stepped in the water. Soon he was bouncing all over he was having so much fun. Aly took off Jakes leash and let him run around in the water as she stood there and watched him. “Well at least he likes it” Aly thought with a smile. Then suddenly a seagull landed a few feet away from Aly and started cawing. Jake suddenly stopped and stared at it and then suddenly charged after it. The bird quickly flew away but Jake kept running.

“Jake, stop!” Aly screamed as she chased after him.

“Jake, sit!” she screamed in attempts to get him to stop

Aly kept running and yelling at Jake to stop and even though she didn’t want to think it she thought “I’m going to lose him” and that would kill her.


Harry woke up to the sound of the boys laughing in the kitchen downstairs. He got up, put a pair of pants and t-shirt and quickly put his hair in a red colored beanie and headed for the stairs down to the kitchen. He walked in to the boys making breakfast…well attempting to make breakfast.

“Morning Harry” said Zayn

“Hey” harry said still kind of grumpy. Even though it was around noon, harry still could have slept at least another hour.

“Want some breakfast, harry?” Louis asked

“No thanks I’m not hungry, I think I’m going to go take a walk on the beach to wake myself up” harry replied

“I call Harrys breakfast then” Niall quickly said

Harry opened up the back sliding glass door and walked right on to the beach. . The warm sand on his feet felt good as he walked down to the water and let the waves run over his feet and he stared out into the ocean letting the sun beaming down on his face making him feel more awake. He closed his eyes and just let the sun beam on his face, when suddenly Harry heard someone screaming.

“jake, stop!” he heard

He looked over and saw a little fluffy dog running in his direction.

“hey buddy!” harry called trying to get the dogs attention “come here” he continued to call

The dog looked over and ran towards him wagging its tail in excitement. Harry bent down and picked up the dog while the dog licked his face and wagged it’s tail in excitement.

“Jake!” called the girl who had been yelling after him “you are a bad dog!” she continued as she walked over to Harry and the dog.

“thank you so much for catching him, as you can see those training classes went to good use” she said with a smile.

Harry looked up from the dog and looked at the girl and laughed.


Aly walked over and put the leash on Jake while he still licked the guys face.

“hi, I’m Aly” Aly said as she reached out her hand

“Hi Aly, I’m Harry” He said with a laugh as he put Jake down to shake her hand

“yeah I know who you are” Aly said with a smile. Truth is she knew exactly who Harry styles was and as she looked into those eyes of his all of those memories of Her and Abby singing to “What makes you beautiful” at the top of their lungs in the car and having sleepovers and watching funny one direction videos online flooded to her mind and she just chuckled.

“oh do you? Are you a fan?” harry asked

“yeah my friend Abby and I are pretty big fans” aly said while looking down pretending to be looking at Jake when in reality she was trying to hide her blushing.

“but you didn’t scream” harry said with a chuckle

Aly looked up from the ground “well I mean as much as I love when people I don’t know scream in my face I just wasn’t sure if you like that so I held off” aly said jokingly

Harry laughed “your funny”

Aly smile and looked down at the sand again.

“so did you let Jake off the leash or did he break it?” harry asked

“well I let him off the leash because he was having so much fun in the water and he usually listens, but I guess when he sees seagulls he doesn’t listen as well as I thought” Aly said with chuckle

“oh I see, well in his defense seagulls can be pretty distracting” harry replied

Aly laughed “well you have a good point there” aly was suddenly interrupted when her phone went off “the A team” by ed sheeran blasting.

“oh can you hold on a sec?” Aly said as she answered her phone.

“hello?” she answered

“hello Aly, its aunt carol I brought some of my friends home from work to meet you. When will you be home?”

“I just went to take jake for a walk, I should be home soon”

“okay see you then sweetie” aunt carol said before she hung up.

she turned to look at Harry and he smiled

“sorry about that, that was my aunt, I have to go” aly said

“oh, ok do you need a ride or something?” harry asked politely

“no thanks jake likes the sand and im sure my aunt would be kind of freaked out if she saw some stranger dropping me off” aly said with a smile

“yeah that might not look too good” harry said with a laugh “so can we hang out sometime?” harry asked

“maybe” aly said with a smile as she turned around to start walking home.

“is that a maybe yes? Or a maybe no?” he called to her as he smiled

She turned around walking backwards “just maybe” she smiled “I mean a small abandoned town like this I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again….think of it as a big game of hide and seek” aly said with a smile and turned around to walk towards home.

“I love hide and seek, if I win and find you we have to hang out then, deal?” harry shouted back smiling

“deal” aly shouted as she walked her back facing harry.


Harry stood on the beach watching until he could no longer see aly. He walked back up to house looking at the sand with a smile on his face and said

“This is going to be a good summer” he said out loud and opened up the back door to the house.


Aly walked home with a smile on her face, her wavy brown hair floating in the summer wind.

“maybe this summer won’t be so bad” she thought still smiling

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