the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


20. such a lovely day And I'm glad you feel the same

“Ding ding” Aly woke up to her phone going off. She rolled over and checked it; it was a text from her dad.

“I know how you like to “forget” your punishments so I’m reminding you that you aren’t allowed out today, see you later” he wrote.

She was surprised she was only punished for the day, not that she was complaining it’s just the face her dad gave her when she walked in the door last night she would have thought she would be grounded for the rest of the vacation. Aly rolled back over and called Abby, knowing she wouldn’t be able to fall back to sleep

“Hey Abby!”

“Aly! I missed you, I wanted to call you but I didn’t want to interrupt you and Harry, if you know what I mean” Abby joked

“No I actually don’t know what you mean” Aly smirked “Guess what!”

“What” Abby asked excitedly

“I’m grounded for the day!”

“What? Why?” Abby asked surprised

“Okay, so basically I went out with Harry and the guys yesterday, we went on a huge boat and anyway we went back to his place and we fell asleep”

“Ooooooo” Abby interrupted

“Not like that! We literally just slept, Anyway I missed curfew and scared my dad and yeah, so today is gonna suck!” Aly said

“What did Harry Say?”

“Nothing he doesn’t know I’m grounded” Aly chuckled

“You still don’t have his number to text him?” she laughed

“We’re old fashion I guess, I mean come on he still comes through the window!” Aly laughed and almost as on cue there was Harry yelling up to Aly from outside her window.

“Is that Harry” Abby asked with a chuckle

“Yeah” Aly smiled

“I’ll call you later Abs I have to tell you about my tattoo!” Aly said

“Wait your tattoo!!!?? “ Abby asked in shock

“Bye Abs” Aly hung up knowing that Abby was probably freaking out right now.

Aly walked over to the window and smiled as she looked down at Harry who was smiling back at her. Aly opened the window

“Good morning” she said with a smile

“Good morning” he grinned

“I hope you don’t have anything extravagant planned today, I’m not allowed out for the day” Aly said with a frown

“I kind of figured you would be” he said as he sat down on the grass

“What are you doing” Aly said with a chuckle

“Well you said you can’t come out, so I’ll sit here so we can hang out today…….sort of” he smiled

“Okay” Aly smiled “hold on then I’ll go get a chair” Aly went to go get a chair and sat in in front of the window. She sat on it crossing her legs and looked back out at Harry

“So I think I just gave Abby a heart attack” Aly smiled

“Why” he chuckled as he started plucking grass

“Before I hung up with her I told her I had to tell her about my tattoo” Aly chuckled

“You haven’t told her yet” he looked up surprised


“Well she’ll definitely be surprised” he laughed

Aly sat on the chair and talked to Harry for an hour, laughing when her stomach started growling.

“I’m hungry, do you want something to eat” she asked with a smile

“Sure” he smiled

“Okay be right back” she smiled and got up to go to the kitchen. She opened the freezer to try and find something to eat and decided on a freeze pop, she grabbed a pink and blue on and headed back to her room and threw Harry the blue ice pop.

“Ice pops for breakfast” he asked with a laugh

“The breakfast of champions” she smiled as bit into her ice pop

Harry bit into it and opened his mouth “it’s so cold” he said with a chunk of ice pop in his mouth making Aly laugh

“Well did you think it was going to be hot” she asked teasingly

“I don’t know I didn’t think it would be this cold” he said as he swallowed the now melted chunk in his mouth

They finished their ice pops as the continued to talk and laugh.

“Your lips are blue” Aly laughed

“It looks sexy doesn’t it” Harry joked as he made a funny kiss face making Aly laugh hysterically

“Hold on let me get my phone” she continued to laugh hysterically as she got her phone and came back to the window

“Okay make that face again” she continued to laugh. Harry made the face again and she could barely take a picture she was laughing so hard. “This is definitely a favorite” she said as she looked and the picture and laughed.

“Aly, your best friend is here” Someone shouted from the kitchen

“Michael is that you” Aly screamed into the next room

“So you admit that I’m your best friend” he asked jokingly

“No I recognized your annoying voice” She joked back

“You are so sweet” he yelled back

“So you just let yourself into my house now” She yelled as she looked down at Harry who was making the kiss face again and began to laugh

“No he’s with me” Aunt Carol shouted “we went shopping”

Aly was still laughing at Harry

“Who are you laughing at” she shouted

“No one” Aly said not wanting to get in trouble, but it was too late Aunt Carol came into her room

“Oh hello Harry” Aunt Carol said looking out the window

“I’m not technically out, so I can’t get in trouble right?” Aly asked with a smile

“Well if we are being technical here, your father never said HE couldn’t come in, did he?” Aunt Carol asked with a grin

Aly grew a big grin on her face as Aunt Carol turned to the door way Michael was now standing in

“Your being a bad influence” Michael said as Aunt Carol walked over to him

“No I’m not I’m just saying he didn’t say her boyfriend couldn’t come in” Aunt Carol smiled

“I’m feeling very left out” Harry yelled up jokingly

Aly swung her head to Harry “hey Harry want to come in, My Aunt Carol pointed that my dad never said you couldn’t come in”

“Why didn’t we think of that” He said with a smile as he stood up and jumped and Aly pulled him in as always

“You know we have a door, dear” Aunt Carol said pointing into the living room

Harry laughed “well it’s kind of our thing” he smiled as he looked at Aly “not that I come in through the window often” he quickly defended realizing it sounded wrong

“However you thing is to tattoo my niece with your initial” Aunt Carol smiled

Aly shot her head up towards Michael “you told her” Aly yelled

“I swear I didn’t” Michael said putting his hands up

“No he didn’t tell me I saw it yesterday morning when you had your head down at the table” she smiled

Aly put her head against Harrys arm embarrassed.

“It’s okay I’m not going to say anything to your father” she said comfortingly “I pinky promise” she teased and held out her pinky, aly grabbed it and made the finger contract

“I kind of like it actually” Aunt Carol laughed “I am a little offended you told Michael before me though” She said hitting Michael

“I didn’t even tell him on purpose, he just…. Michael, annoying Michael you manipulates you into telling him things” Aly said looking at Michael

“As you can tell we have bonded during her stay” Michael teased

“Well I’m going to unpack the groceries” Aunt Carol said leaving the room

“Bye Michael” aly said trying to push him out of her room

“You’re not very strong” Michael laughed

“Shut up and go” Aly chuckled

“Say please” he said crossing his arms facing her with a grin on his face

“Out!” Aly said smiling

“I am helping Aunt Carol teach you manners”

“Don’t bring me into this” Aunt Carol called from the kitchen

“Say please” he said again

“Fine! Dearest Michael PLEASE leave my room!” she said as she crossed her arms and smiled

“Sure Miss Aly” he said as he walked out of the room as Aly walked behind him to shut the door

“Just don’t do anything….bad” he quick turned around

“I didn’t hear that” Aunt Carol yelled

Aly shut the door and face Harry and they laughed. Aly ran and jumped on her bed and Harry ran and jumped next to her and they both lay there looking at the ceiling.

“Today is fun” Harry laughed

“Oh yes, sitting outside for like 2 hours and then listening to my aunt and Michael is a perfect day” Aly said sarcastically with a smile

“But I get to do it with you” He said as he looked up at her and smiled and Aly ruffled his thick, curly hair and kissed his head.

“I wish I could take you with me so I can hear you say cute little things like that every day” Aly said as she played with his hair

Harry propped himself up and looked at her “you can” he smiled “well not the whole you taking me home thing” he laughed “but I’ll call you and Skype with you and face time” he said taking her hand

“Oh so we’re gonna finally exchange numbers, and actually communicate through the phone, that sounds boring” aly joked trying to hide her sadness about leaving Harry

“Don’t be sad” Harry said seeing her sadness, moving up and pulling her in as she rested her head on his chest to hide her tears.

“I promise ill text you every day and call you and face time you when I can” he said as he kissed her head “I know it won’t be the same but we can do it” he said sounding sad “I’ll do everything I can to make this work, because I really do love you” he said as alys tears started to drip on his shirt and she gripped his shirt. “I promise I’ll do my best”  he said sadly “me too” Aly said as she sniffled not lifting her head up “pinky promise?” he asked as he put his pinky in front of her face “pinky promise” she said as she took his pinky in hers and tears continued to stream down her face. He pulled his hand back up and started to stroke her hair and kissed her head again.

Suddenly there was a knock at the “I hear you got creative with your punishment” Alys dad called from the other side of the door “hello Harry” he said Aly could hear the laughter in his voice

‘hello sir” Harry shouted

“I guess I need to be more specific with your punishments from now on huh?” her dad chuckled

“It was Aunt carols idea” Aly laughed, still stuffy from crying

“She did?” he sounded surprised “aunt carol I think Michael is becoming a bad influence” he joked and walked Aly heard him walking back down the hall.

“Why does everyone blame me” Michael said laughing

“its because of your long hair!” Her dad joked

“that’s just…..Hairist!” Michael yelled laughing

Aly laid her head back down on Harrys chest as they both laughed. A day that was supposed to be horrible turned out to be amazing she thought as she and Harry continued laughing, hearing Her dad and Michael jokingly argue in the next room. If I could freeze time and stay like this forever, id be okay with that she thought.

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