the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


9. "sand in your shoes"

Aly woke up that morning to the sun on shining in her face, no rocks being thrown at her window, just the sun, and to be honest she was a little disappointed. Even though she hated being woken up early, but with Harry she liked it. Aly got up and headed to the shower and put her iPod on shuffle and Call me maybe came on and she smiled, remembering her and Harry singing and dancing to it, before that moment she was so tired of that song but now it was like she was hearing it for the first time again. She got out the shower, turned her iPod off and walked into her room while drying her hair with the towel, she could hear someone mowing their lawn and the seagulls clearly through the silence of the house, when suddenly she heard a rock hit the window and a big grin suddenly came across her face. She went over to the window, and saw a note but no Harry. There was a guy in their yard mowing their lawn. Aly looked at the note and it said


So I know you’re probably happy that I didn’t wake you this morning but I can’t hang out today, Me and the guys have to work on writing songs today since I’ve been well busy lately ;)

Xx harry

Ps we are weird, normal people would have just texted each other that they can’t hang out but no I have to drive here at 7 in the morning to leave u this lovely note….this is why we are so fun, normal people are boring.

PSs you are probably wondering how I stuck this note up here…I brought a stool to stand on…weird I know, your neighbor thinks it’s weird too considering he’s staring at me :)”

Aly stood there with a smile on her face when she heard the mower turn off and a familiar face stared at her.

“Oh sorry!”  Said a familiar face

Aly just stared at him in confusion

“And you don’t remember me…I’m Michael, we met that day on the boardwalk, I work with your uncle”

“Oh yeah right, sorry” she said politely

“Did a rock hit your window? I didn’t mean to disturb you” she said with a smile

“It’s ok you didn’t I just thought someone was knocking…or something” she said

“Yeah its weird there’s a lot of little rocks, but just near here” he said motioning his hand

Aly started laughing “oh yeah that’s…weird” she said

“Well I’m guessing it’s from the same person who left you that letter on your window” she asked with a smile

“What? Did you read it or something?” she said starting to get mad

“oh yeah I just climbed up there because I so desperately want to know what someone left you” he said sarcastically “ I just guessed it was a letter, it’s not like people leave take out menus on peoples windows” he said laughing

“Yeah right…well uhm I’m gonna go” Aly said sticking her head back in the window and locking it.

Aly sat back on her bed wondering what to do for the day while Jake jumped on her bed to lie next to her.

“What should we do today, Jake” she asked as she stared at the ceiling and heard a knock at the door. She wondered who it could be, still having a little hope that it could be harry.  She got up and walked into the living room with Jake following her to open the door. Hoping to see Harry on the other side but was quickly disappointed again to see Michael.

“Hey can I use your bathroom before I leave” he asked with a smile

“I guess…” aly said kind of annoyed at him for disappointing her twice in a matter of ten minutes

Michael walks past Aly and she shuts the door behind him and Jake starts barking at him.

“Wow your dog doesn’t like me” he said with a chuckle

“He doesn’t like strange people in the house, kind of like me” she said giving him a glare

“Sorry pup” he said bending down to pet Jake who stopped barking to sniff him

“See he’s warming up to me, you should be like him” he continued with a smile

“I’m good” aly said jokingly

“oh I see you’re going to be mean to me because you have a boyfriend and all because if your nice to me it’s like your flirting with me” he said still smiling

“Okay you don’t know me so don’t pretend too also didn’t you come in here to use the bathroom? So go” she said a little annoyed

Michael laughed and headed for the bathroom. He returned to find Aly leaning against the counter eating cereal.

“So what’s your boyfriend’s name” he asked with a smirk while sitting on the opposite counter

“I don’t have one” she said dropping her spoon in the bowl, clearly she wasn’t going to be able to eat with him asking her a million question.

“So a guy throws rocks at your window, leaves notes on your window, but he’s not a boyfriend. Do you have a stalker or something? Plus you didn’t deny it before I went to the bathroom” he said

Aly smiled “but I am telling you now that I don’t have a boyfriend so what does it matter when I told you” she said with a laugh

“Timing is everything, my dear” he said with a smirk

“Was that in a movie or something” she said with a laugh

“Yeah I think so I don’t where though” he said laughing “but you did admit it was a guy” he said

“Will you leave it alone” she said with a smile

“He makes you smile though”

“How do you know” she asked

“Because I don’t even have to say his name, but when I talk about your liking someone you smile”

“Okay maybe your right, how do you know this stuff” she asked walking over to the sink to wash her bowl

“I have sisters, just sisters and my dad left so yeah I know mostly women” he said with a smile

“Oh sorry” she said

“It’s cool, but you told me easily, why? My sisters would keep deny it “he asked with a smile

“I don’t know I guess it’s easier to tell a stranger” she said smiling as she looked to the floor

“So do you like him” he asked

Aly shot her head up and looked at him “why would I tell you that” she asked with a laugh

“It’s easier to tell a stranger right” he said with a chuckle

“You’re funny.” She said sarcastically “I don’t know if I like him like that, he’s the only person I know here that isn’t my family”

“Mum sure you don’t” he said with a smirk

“Don’t you have somewhere to be” she said laughing

“I get it, you’re kicking me out to avoid asking the question” he said getting up heading for the door

“I’m not avoiding anything” she said walking over to the door

“Well good luck with your friend who’s a guy that’s not a boyfriend” he said with a laugh

Aly laughed.

“See I told you would warm up to me” he said heading toward the front gate.

“I still find you very annoying just to clarify” she said as she shut the door.

Aly walked back to her room turned her IPod back on and love drunk by Boys like girls came on and she went over to her laundry basket which was full and started carrying it to the laundry room

“Wow I’m doing laundry to entertain myself” she thought

Aly did laundry until her Aunt, uncle and dad came home

“Surprised to see you home” her dad said “thought you’d be hanging out with your friend” he said nudging her

“Nope not today” she said

Her Family had dinner and went to bed and Aly laid in her bed bored while her family slept, but she couldn’t sleep, she wasn’t tired. This day was so boring she thought. She laid there and thought of what she and Michael talked about. Does she like Harry? She didn’t know. She closed her eyes to try and sleep when she heard a rock at her window. Michael if that’s you I am throwing this lamp at your face she thought as she laughed out loud. She peeked out her window and there was harry standing in the back yard with a dark blue sweater and khaki, looking at the window smiling, just like how she hoped she would have seen him this morning. She opened the window and smiled at him.

“Hello” he said with his adorable accent

“Hey” she said still smiling

“Want to come out?” he asked

“I’m not allowed to walk in the dark remember” she said with a chuckle

“Yeah” he said sounding disappointed looking down at the ground

“Fine, let me get something for my feet” she said

Harry popped his head up “okay” he said with a smile

Aly grabbed her pair of cheetah print slippers and went back to the window and said

“Here catch these”

Harry caught them and Aly stuck her feet out the window

“I’m slipping” she whispered

Harry grabbed her legs “it’s okay I’ve got you” he whispered

But Aly still didn’t let go.

“Let go” he whispered

Aly let go and they fell onto the ground on top of harry

“I’m sorry are you ok” she asked trying to be quiet

“Yeah I’m fine” he said laughing

Aly got up and held out her hand and helped him up

“So did you have fun without me today” he asked with a smile

“Oh yes loads of fun, I mean with all the friends I know here I just had loads of things to do today” she said sarcastically with a smile as she put her slippers on.

“You know you missed me” he said with a smirk walking passed her

“Where are we going” she asked following behind him

“The beach come on” he said as they walked around the side of the house to the front gate and stepped out into the street lights where she could see him better

“Slippers were a really bad choice” Aly said laughing as she stepped on the rocks

Harry started to laugh hysterically

“Why is that funny” she said starting to laugh

But harry just kept laughing and he stopped his back facing Aly

“Here hop on” he said still laughing

“No its okay I was pointing out my bad decisions” she said laughing

“Come on I insist, plus I don’t want to hear “Harry my feet hurt” he said in a mocking tone

“That’s mean” she said laughing

“I was kidding, now hop on” he said with a chuckle

“Fine” she said jumping on his back

“So did you like my note this morning” he said as he walked with her on his back

“I did would have been funny to see my neighbors face” she said laughing

Harry started to laugh “it was pretty funny”

“How did the song writing go” she asked

“Very well actually, we made a remix of puff the magic dragon” he said with a laugh

“You should have been there, Louis started singing it then we all joined in and yeah it was funny” he continued

Aly laughed “sounds like a hit”

“Definitely” he said playing along

They reached the beach where he put aly down and she took her slippers and walked down closer to the water but not going in it. Harry walked past her and stared at the ground.

“Are you okay, you seem quiet” Aly asked

“Yeah I’m fine” he said as he looked up at her “want to dance” he asked with a smile

“But there isn’t any music” she said laughing

“We’ll make some” he said grabbing his phone picking a song then reaching out his hand

Familiar song started playing, sand in your shoes by this providence

“I love this song” aly said with a smile and she grabbed Harrys hand

“Me too” he said pulling her in for a slow dance.

“I want to tell you something “harry said suddenly serious

“Okay” she said gently as they continued to dance

“This song reminds me of this summer for me and…well you” he said gently almost whispering

“Especially the part about being eighteen and having nothing to lose and how falling in love is easy to do, all of it really” he continued “and as corny as it is to say it’s true….I’m falling for you and I don’t know what else to say really” he said with a chuckle

Aly looked up at him and he had a grin on his face, the grin that always makes her smile. She looked at him and smiled and said “that’s not corny, that’s probably the cutest thing anyone’s ever said to me”

Harry looked at her with his cheeky smile and put his forehead against hers and they just smiled. Then Harry slowly leaned in and gently placed his lips against hers as he lifted his hand up and gently placed it on her cheek she could feel that he was smiling as they kissed but then again so was she. Harry pulled away when sexy and I know it started playing and they busted out laugh.

“Really” she asked still laughing

“Sorry, this song is catchy though”

“Okay I’ll give you that” she said laughing “as much as I hate to say this but I think I should head back, I don’t want my dad or someone getting up to use the bathroom and check on me and me not be there”

“Okay” he said with a hint of disappointment in his voice but still smiling.

Aly picked up her slippers and started walking back when the ocean breeze picked up making her hair blow gently in the wind. Harry took off his sweater giving it to Aly

“Here it’s cold” he said handing it to her with a smile

“Thanks “she said with a smile and stopped to put it on

After she put the sweater arm she looked at Harry who was still smiling and he held his hand out to her and they walked through the beach hand in hand. When they reached the street Harry stopped again and said

“Hop on”

Aly jumped on his back once again as they walked

“Thanks” she said then reached her head forward to kiss him on the cheek and he smiled.

They reached Alys house and walked through the front gate quietly and walked around the house to the back yard.

“Here” harry whispered reaching his hands out “climb up” he whispered again

Aly put her foot on his hands and Harry lifted her up and she climbed into the window.

“Your right it’s not as easy as they make it look” she whispered down to him

He laughed and said “goodnight Aly” with a smile

Then unexpectedly Harry jumped up and grabbed the window pane with his hands and she leaned down to kiss him and he smiled and jumped down

“Good night Harry” she whispered down to him as she shut the window and walk away.

Aly laid there for a couple minutes still in Harry sweater and looked at the ceiling, smiling. She didn’t want to go to sleep because no dream would be better than the night she just had.

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