the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


6. new day, new aly


“Bye ladies it was nice meeting you” Aly said as Aunt Carols friends headed out the door. Aunt carol closed the door and faced Aly

“they just couldn’t wait to meet you, I went into work and told them that you finally arrived and they were so excited, like a bunch of kids they are” aunt carol said with a big smile on her face. Aly smiled back at her.

“But anyways how was your day dear? Did you want me to fix you some dinner or do you want to wait for your father and uncle john?” she asked

“Oh no thanks I can wait till we all eat and my day was fine. I took Jake to the beach and he loves the sand and ocean surprisingly…he was fascinated by the seagulls too” Aly said as she sat down at the kitchen table.

“Oh I’d love to see him on the beach that little fluff ball” she said as she looked at Jake sleeping on the tiled kitchen floor.

“I’m really glad you are here sweetie, I feel like I haven’t gotten a chance to really know you and I think this summer I finally can” she said patting Alys hand

Aly smiled and said “I glad too aunt carol”

“Well I better start dinner; your uncle john should be getting off work soon”

“Can I help?” Aly asked

“I’d like that” aunt carol said with a smile

About a half hour of Aly and Aunt Carol and Uncle John and Aly's dad walked in the door.

“Hey dad, where did you go today?” Aly asked

“Well I went to work with uncle john today, it was fun” he said

“Hello dear” uncle john said as he kissed aunt carol on the cheek.

Aly grabbed the pot of spaghetti and placed it on the kitchen table and they all took their seats at the table. They talked about an hour after they were done eating, laughing and telling stories from when Aly’s dad was little. After they cleaned up from dinner it was around 9 and Aunt Carol and uncle john called it a night and to Aly’s surprise she was actually tired too and headed for bed.

Aly woke up the next morning to the neighbor mowing, knowing she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep she got up and headed for the bathroom, she stepped out into the hallway and realized no one was home again, except today she grabbed her iPod, plugged it into the dock, turned it all the way up and hit shuffle and hopped in the shower. When Aly was done the shower she headed to the sink to brush her teeth when “call me maybe” ended and suddenly there it was “your insecure, don’t know what for!” Aly smiled and started singing and dancing throughout the house to what makes you beautiful while she got ready. She jumped up onto her bed and started jumping up and down singing, she was happy, she didn’t know why but she was happy. She put some makeup on but not too much just some mascara to bring out her bright blue eyes, and then sat on her bed trying to figure out what to do. She grabbed Jakes leash and headed for the boardwalk. She walked on the practically deserted boardwalk, there weren’t many stores open, and you’d think it off season the way it looked. Aly headed for the rides to look for uncle john. She walked about 7 blocks when she finally reached the pier with the rides and found uncle john at the ticket booth.

“Hey uncle john!” she said

He waved happily and said “what are you doing here?”

“I came to visit you, thought you may be bored” Aly said with a smile

“Well I’m glad you did” he smiled

Aly stood at the booth talking to her uncle while music blasted over them and suddenly Jake started pulling to get to the seagull that landed about 10 feet away from him.

“Jake stop” Jake started barking at the seagull that clearly wasn’t afraid of him.

“He doesn’t like them seagulls does he?” asked her uncle with a chuckle

“No he nearly gave me a heart attack yesterday chasing one of them”

Aly began telling uncle john about Jake almost running away forever when she noticed a guy about her age started with long blonde surfer hair walking over to the booth “good afternoon john!”

“Oh hello Michael, this is my niece, Aly”

“Hi” Aly said politely with a smile

“Hey nice to meet you, oh john my register isn’t opening again do you think you could help me a minute?” he asked

“Yeah sure thing kid, hey I’ll be back, Aly” her uncle said

Aly smiled while her uncle walked away. She stood waiting at the booth and took out her phone to text Abby

“Hey girl! Guess what? Its noon and I’m already up, showered and on the boardwalk! Crazy right? Well you’re probably the one sleeping today, but I miss you! Text me when you get up” she texted her friend while Jake kept pulling at his leash. Aly hit the home screen and looked at the picture of her Abby and Chris and smile while Jake kept pulling

“Jake stop” Aly said annoyed. Aly put her phone in her pocket and turned to booth and put her head in to feel some of the air conditioning while Jake continued to pull and bark. Aly was enjoying the air when suddenly she heard a voice in her ear say

“I found you” Aly jumped and turned around to see Harry smiling at her about 5 inches form her face

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” he said with a laugh

“Are you stalking me now?” Aly said with a laugh

“Well I prefer to call it following you without you knowing it. Stalking is such a strong word” he said jokingly

“Oh ok, didn’t mean to offend you” Aly said playing along

“Besides I don’t think it’s stalking really. You said it’s like a game of hide and seek right?” he said

“yeahh…” Aly said wondering what he was going to say next

“Well I was just simply seeking you” he said with a smile

“Oh I see, well I guess you’re right” she said

“Well you know what that means, now that I’ve found you? He asked


“It means you have to hang out with me, that was the deal, I find you, you have to hang out with me” he said still smiling

“yes, we didn’t shake on it though…. but lucky for you Jake and I have nothing to do today and I feel bad that you have no friends to hang out with, that you have to ask a stranger to hang out with you” she said jokingly

“You’re right” harry jokingly looking down at the ground sad.

Aly laughed and pushed him playfully.

“Who’s your friend, Aly” her uncle said politely. Aly didn’t even notice her uncle walking back to the booth.

“Oh this is harry, I met him yesterday, he’s the one who caught Jake” Aly told her uncle

“Nice to meet you, sir” harry said reaching his hand out to her uncles hand.

“Same here” her uncle replied

“Well I guess I’ll see you at home, uncle john” Aly said

“Okay have fun” he said as she walked away

“So all this time “seeking me” Aly said in air quotes “I’m sure you had time to figure out something to do” she said with a smile

“No” he said pretending to be sad again

Aly laughed.

“Well the best days are the ones that aren’t planned right?” harry said turning to stand in front of Aly as they stopped

“Well I guess so” she said smiling “I’m not sure we can have a day like that qualifies a town like this…I mean have you seen it?”

“True, but I’m sure we can find something… I mean we had a hide and seek game right?” he said happily

“Yeah true, but I don’t think we can do anything that fun while I’m dragging my dog around, no offence Jake” she said as she looked down at her little dog. “So how about we walk back to my place and drop him off then we can go find something to do”

“Wow, only the first day and your already inviting me back to your place” he said playfully pushing her.

She laughed “you wish”

They walked back to her place and opened the door, still no one was home. Harry stood in the living room while Aly filled jakes water bowl.

“you have a nice house” harry said as he pushed the hair out of his eyes

“oh this isn’t my house its my aunt and uncles, I’m just staying here for the summer”

“oh , well where are you from?” Harry asked

“Philadelphia…..born and raised” she said smiling “do you want a drink or something before we leave?” Aly asked

“no thank you I’m okay” harry said politely

“okay well are you ready to get this fun day started” aly said as she headed for the door

“I am” he said as he walked towards the door

“be good jake” aly said as she closed the door behind her.

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