the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


18. making memories of us

Weeks went by and Aly couldn’t believe that she only had a week left until she had to go home.  Aly and Harry had hung out every day and she was really going to miss him when she left. She lay in bed not wanting to get up, just thinking. “What’s going to happen once I get home? How are me and Harry supposed to make this work” she thought and heard a knock at the door. She got up wearing Harrys sweater that hung on her, she had to admit it hid her tattoo well. She walked into the living room, Jake following her to the door. She opened the door and saw Michael.

“Hello” he said walking in

“Oh Michael please do come in” she said sarcastically

“Don’t mind if I do” he chuckled as he went to the fridge and took out last night’s left overs

“Oh and please help yourself to anything” she laughed

“Thanks” he smiled as he moved his hair out of his face and hopped up on the counter and started eating.

“So what are you doing here” she asked as walked into the kitchen and hopped up on the counter across from him

“Well I figured you missed me since you haven’t seen me because you have been going on little adventures with your little boyfriend so I thought I’d stop by” he smiled at her

Aly smirked and she looked at the floor

“Are you still denying he’s your boyfriend” he asked moving the hair out if his face again

‘I’m not denying it” she smiled

“Good because it’s pretty obvious since you’re wearing his sweater and all and you take cute little adventures on the Ferris wheel” he said “what’s next matching tattoos” he said as he shoved a forkful of food in his mouth

Aly shot her head up “what” she asked nervously thinking he saw

“You did not” Michael said shocked and hopped off the counter “you’re lying right” he said walking towards her

“Stop” Aly said walking away from him

“Let me see” he said smiling

“No, you’re not even supposed to know” she said pulling the sweater down.

“Come on; just show me I’m not going to say anything” he begged

“Fine but you have to pinky promise you won’t say anything” she said holding out her pinky

“Are you serious” he chuckled “fine” he said and pinky promised her

Aly lifted up the sweater and showed him the tattoo she had managed to keep hidden.

“Wow you already have his initial permanent on your body” he smirked

“It wasn’t my tattoo idea it was his friends” she said putting the sweater back down

“I better am invited to the wedding” he mocked

“Shut up” she smiled as she threw a pot holder at him

He picked up a towel and threw it at her “that wasn’t nice” he smirked as there was a knock at the door. Aly walked to the door with Michael following behind her playfully hitting her with the towel.

“Seriously Michael you’re gonna be this immature” she said smiling as she opened the door.

“Good morning” Harry said with a big smirk on his face

Michael hit Aly with the towel on her leg

“Stop” she smiled “good morning” she smiled at harry

Harry walked in and she shut the door. “Harry this is Michael”

“Hi’ harry said politely

“Sup” Michael said

“Surprised you did knock at the window” Aly said smiling at harry

“I did you didn’t answer’ Harry smiled

“Aww aren’t you guys sweet” Michael mocked

“Shut up Michael” aly said with a smirk

“That’s not nice” Michael said as he put food into his mouth “especially since I now know your secret” he said with a smirk, his mouth full of food

“You told him” Harry said surprised

“I didn’t mean to he kind of tricked me” Aly said

“The seagull is a nice touch I have to say” Michael teased

“It was, wasn’t it” harry said smiling

‘okay Michael, glad you stopped by” Aly said grabbing his arm and walking him to the door.

“See I knew you missed me” he said as he walked out the door

“Always a pleasure Michael” she smiled shutting the door on him

“He seems nice” Harry said and pushed her playfully

“Yeah as much as a virus” she smiled and he leaned in to kiss her

“So what is on the agenda for today” she smiled

“Well today is Liam’s birthday and were going to throw a little party for him, just something small since were all leaving next week he’s just going to celebrate with Danielle and his family then. So it’s just us”

“Ugh I keep forgetting we only have a week left” she said and put her head down walking into the kitchen

“He walked behind her and hugged her from behind and kissed her on the cheek “I thought we could make him a cake” he said gently

“Okay” she smiled “I’ll go get ready” she showered and put on a navy blue floral sundress and nice light brown sandals and quick blow dried her hair. She walked into the kitchen “do you need me to bring anything” she asked him as he walked into the kitchen. “You look beautiful” he said smiling

“Thanks” she said with a smile “it’s one of those dresses you can twirl around in and feel like a ballerina” she chuckled “not that you would know that feeling” she smirked

He laughed “let’s try it out” he said going over to the radio and she talks to angels by black crows came through the speakers and he held his hand out and twirled her around and they began to slow dance right in the kitchen. He leaned his head against hers and they smiled as they continued to dance.

“Aww isn’t that sweet” aunt carol said as she held her hands to her chest, they hadn’t even heard her come through the door.

Aly and harry burst out laughing “were gonna go” Aly said grabbing Harrys hand heading for the door as she laughed. They got in the car still laughing. “she comes in at bad times” aly said laughing

“We could have continued” harry chuckled

“If we would have stayed she probably would have went to go get her camera” aly laughed

They got to Harrys and walked into the kitchen. Aly grabbed a bowl and Harry dumped the box of cake mix into the bowl and put water in it while Aly mixed.

“So uhm… do you think that Michael is cute” harry said sitting on the counter next to her

Aly looked up from the bowl and looked at him “seriously” she said with a laugh

“Yeah’ he said biting his lip

“No I don’t think he’s cute, he’s….Michael, that’s it” she said walking over to him and putting her hands gently on his face. “But you… I think you are adorable little Harry” she smiled at him as he gave a cheeky grin “really... you think I’m cute?” he said playfully

“Yes I do” she said putting her finger in the bowl and wiping the chocolate mix on Harry’s nose and smiled at him.

“Well I think you’re cute too” he said reaching to the bowl and wiping his chocolate covered finger on her cheek.  Aly smiled and wiped more on his face and he did it back to her as they laughed the whole time.

“Does everything involve a mess with you guys” Louis said walking into the kitchen smiling.

“Yeah” aly smiled at him “want some” Aly asked him as he sat on the counter across from Harry “I’m good” he smiled

Aly poured the batter into a pan and put it in the oven and sat on the counter next to Harry.

“It stinks we only have a week left” Louis said taking a drink from his soda bottle

“I know” aly said putting her head down

“When do you leave” Louis asked

“Same day as us” harry asked

“Did I ask you curly” Louis joked

Harry chuckled and so did Aly.

“Mm what’s that smell” Liam said walking into the kitchen

“Awww” harry, aly and Louis said in unison

‘it was supposed to be a surprise” aly said

“We’re making you a cake” Harry said

“Oh that’s so nice” Liam said with a smile.

Aly took the cake out of the oven and everyone helped decorate it, which of course ended with everyone getting icing flung on them and They all sang happy birthday to Liam. As they cleaned up they sang wannabe by spice girls and danced around goofily. After they cleaned up aly and Harry opened the back door and onto the beach, hearing the boys continue to clean.

“I’m going to miss moments like this” Aly laughed

“Me too” harry said with a chuckle but with sadness in his voice

“Hey don’t be sad” she said stopping to look at him to comfort him and also herself. “We have to make these last couple days and make them the best” she said walking backwards with her arms stretch out, the wind blowing her hair around as she smiled. Harry ran to her and picked her up and laughed as he gently kissed her. “I want to do something, turn around” he said putting her on the ground “don’t look” he said

“Okay” she said laughing as she looked out into ocean, the moon shining over the water.

“Okay look” harry said

She turned around and Harry drew a heart with their names in it. She looked at him and smiled and ran towards him. He picked her up and she gently kissed him. How I am going to be able to leave him, she thought as she kissed him in the moonlight.

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