the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


11. let the rain come down

“I’m not sure, how about we walk on the boardwalk and make what we are going to do a surprise” Aly said as they walked onto the street

“Alright” harry said with a smile as they walked towards the boardwalk

“Your aunt seems nice” he said laughing

“Oh gosh I thought for sure she knew” aly said starting to laugh

“I think she was flirting with me “he said jokingly “she called me handsome but I mean who could blame her” he said with a cheeky grin

Aly laughed and playfully pushed him as they continued to walk up onto the boardwalk.

Harry stopped and bent down “wait I have to tie my shoe” but Aly kept walking and looked back at him with a smile as she stood the top of the ramp and looked at Harry who was tying his shoe smiling at her.  Harry got up and Aly started walking again. She could hear Harry running to catch up behind her and he shouted

“Piggy back ride” and put his hands on her shoulders “ready” he said

“Yeah” Aly said with a chuckle and Harry jumped on her back

“Onward” Harry said pointing ahead with a laugh as Aly walked forward

Aly kept laughing and Harry started to slip

“No, I’m slipping” Harry screamed playfully

That made Aly laugh harder and she put him down.

“That was fun” he said cheekily

“Ok your turn” Harry said happily

Aly jumped on Harrys back and they continued forward, Harry occasionally spinning around in circles making Aly laugh as she hung on tighter, not knowing exactly where they were walking to, but at that point they didn’t really care. They reached the pier where Uncle John worked.

“Oh lets go on the Ferris wheel” Harry said excitedly as he put Aly down

“No” Aly said suddenly “I’m scared of heights”

“Why” he said smiling

“Because what if the cart thing tips and then we go tumbling out”

“I promise that won’t happen” he said “I pinky promise” he added as he reached his pinky out

Aly hooked her pinky with his. “Okay fine”

Aly walked up to the booth and found Uncle John.

“Hey Uncle John” Aly said

“Oh hello I wasn’t expecting to see you” he said happily “crappy day out isn’t it” he said as he looked at the clouds in the sky.

“Oh so the rides are closed, like the Ferris wheel for sure” aly said trying to hint at him to say yes

“No they’re open” he smiled clearly not picking up on her hint

“She’s only saying that because she’s afraid to go on” Harry said smiling

“Nothing to be afraid of here takes these” Uncle John said handing her a few tickets “on the house” he said with a smile.

“Thank you” aly said politely

Harry and Aly walked through the practically empty pier towards the Ferris wheel.

“It’s like Dawn of the Dead here” he said

“I know it’s creepy” Aly added

“Well you don’t need to worry, I am an expert zombie killer, ill protect you” Harry said cheekily grabbing her hand.

“What would I do without you” Aly said playing along

“Probably get eaten by zombies” he said and they both laughed

They walked past the bumper cars and heard someone shout

“Hello Aly and the guy who’s her friend”

Aly turned to look and saw Michael standing against the railing.

“Hi Michael who’s very annoying” Aly waved with a smile as they kept walking

“You are such a good friend” Harry said sarcastically smiling

They reached the Ferris wheel and were the only people getting on.

“Sit on opposite sides so the cart is balanced” said the guy

The ride slowly started and Aly jumped.

“It’s alright” Harry said reaching over

Aly looked down at the floor trying not to look up.

“Are you alright” Harry asked concerned

“Yeah I just don’t want to look up” Aly said

“You should its beautiful, don’t pay attention to the ground just look forward” Harry said reassuring her.

Aly slowly looked up and saw the ocean. Her hands shaking uncontrollably. Harry grabbed her hands

“It’s alright, promise” he said smiling at her and she gave him a reassuring smile that she was okay. Aly looked out not paying attention to the ground, feeling a little calmer.

“I did it” she said proud of herself and she slowly reached for her phone still scared to move.

“I have to take a picture and send it to Abby, she’s been trying to get me to go on the Ferris wheel with her forever she said and she held her phone up to take a picture.

They reached the bottom and got off the ride and aly ran off happily and started dancing.

“I did it!” she screamed as she danced, Harry running over to join her. Harry picked up Aly and spun her around, she could feel little rain drops hitting her face, but she didn’t care she was so happy to have conquered her fear. “We have to get a picture” Harry said happily they walked over to the front of the Ferris wheel and asked the guy to take a picture of them

“Sure” he said kindly as Aly and Harry stood in front of the Ferris wheel flexing their muscles happily.

The man chuckled and said “good” and walked over to hand Aly back her phone.

“Okay now for a normal person picture” she said and held the camera in front of them and Harry hugged her from behind and smiled up at the camera

“Wait takes another one I think I blinked” Harry said after she took the picture

“Okay” she chuckled and held the camera up again but this time harry snuck her a kiss on the cheek as she took the picture and aly shut her eyes laughing

“I like that one” he said smiling as they looked at the pictures and laughed and the rain started to hit the phone screen.

“We should start heading back” she said as they both laughed

Aly put her phone back in her pocket and they started walking back. Then the thunder started and it started pouring and they weren’t even half way back to her house. Aly and Harry started running to hurry up to get back  then Aly stopped and looked up to the sky and started to laugh. Harry turned around and saw her laughing and he started to laugh too. He walked over to her and stood close to her and smiled as he leaned down to kiss her.

“I’ve always wanted to do that” he said with a smile as he pulled away and started running back aly following close behind him.

“Wait for me” she shouted after him

They walked through Alys front gate and up the stairs and she opened the front door

“Oh look at you two” aunt carol said starting to laugh “stay there I’ll go get you guys some towels”

She came back and handed Aly and Harry a towel. “Why don’t you go change Aly before you get a cold?”

“Ok” aly said smiling as she headed for her room

“Harry do you want to borrow some clothes, we have some of Michaels clothes here and I’ll put your clothes through the dryer” aunt carol said politely

“Should I be concerned that you have some of Michael clothes” Aly said as she peeked her head back into the living room

“Oh that probably doesn’t sound very good; he’s storing them here they are like his fall clothes, I don’t know ask him” she said with a chuckle

“Sure that would be nice” harry said kindly

Aly walked back into the living with a pair of pajama shorts and tank top and saw harry sitting at the kitchen table talking to Aunt Carol.

“Wow that is a nice outfit there” Aly said jokingly looking at Harry’s semi-baggy jeans and black t-shirt

“Thanks I picked it out myself” Harry said joking

“I asked Harry to join us for dinner if that’s okay with you, since your father won’t be home in time for dinner” Aunt Carol chimed in

“Yeah that’s fine” Aly smiled at Harry “why won’t my dad be home for dinner though”

“well there’s and office his company owns about an hour from here and they asked if he could work from there because they have the same computer system as at his work or something so he said he’ll be working from there for the summer ” Aunt Carol said

“Oh” Aly said as she hopped up on the counter

“So did you two have fun today?” Aunt Carol looked up from the stove and at Harry and Aly

“Yeah I say we did” Harry said with a smile and looked at Aly

Just then Uncle John opened the door.

“Hey Uncle John” Aly said with a smile

“Hello again you two, do you ever not see each other” he said with a chuckle

“Nope, she follows me like a puppy” Harry said joking

“Try spraying her with a water bottle that should help” Uncle John said with a laugh

“Hey I clearly remember you coming here and knocking for me today, so who’s following who” Aly said joining in

“See, this, I miss having teenagers in the house” uncle john said as he kissed aunt carol hello

“Want us to set the table” Harry asked politely

“Sure” aunt carol said with a smile

Aly and Harry set the table and joined her aunt and uncle for dinner. It surprisingly wasn’t awkward like she thought it would be, they joked and laughed with Harry like he was a member of the family.

“So Harry do you work” Uncle John asked

“uhm…yeah” he said with a smile as he looked at Aly “I’m in a band right now” he continued

“oh sounds nice” Aunt Carol said

“yeah good luck with that” uncle john encouraged “well technology today you can post videos on youtube and get signed a record deal fast. Do you have any videos on there?”

“yeah I think we have a couple” he said with a smile

After dinner Aly and Harry helped clean up and Harry said

“I should get going”

“I’ll walk you out” Aly said

“bye it was nice meeting you” Harry said politely

“same here dear, come back anytime” Aunt Carol said

Aly and Harry opened the door and walked outside to the street.

“I had fun today” Aly said with a smile as she looked down

“oh finally you admit it” he said jokingly “I had fun too” he smiled

He leaned down and gently kissed her.

“so I’ll see you tomorrow” he asked

Aly leaned up and kissed him again

“ok if you want some time to think about it” he joked

“goodnight” he said as his head for his car

“goodnight” she said and watched him drive away. She walked in with a smile as her and uncle and aunt talked until her dad walked in

“hey dad” aly said

“hello” he said

“how was everyone’s day” he asked

“good how was yours?” Aunt carol said smiling

“good see I have a job for the summer unlike someone” he said to aly jokingly

“okay that’s my queue to go to bed” aly said getting up

“I’m kidding” he said

“thanks now I won’t sit here with you while you eat” Aly said jokingly

“okay well I’m gonna go get changed first” he said as he headed for his room

Aly stayed at the kitchen table with Aunt carol and took at her phone to look at the pictures from earlier and kept smiling. She could hear her dad talking in the background but wasn’t paying attention.

“aly” he said and she popped out of her trans and saw him peeking his head around the corner “now I don’t mean to sound judgmental or anything” he said as a small smirk came across his face

“but uhmm….who’s pants are these” he asked as he held out Harrys pants

Aly and Aunt Carol just looked at each other and laughed hysterically.

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